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Dopant Materials

Dopant materials play a crucial role in enhancing luminescence, colour purity, and energy transfer. These dopants are incorporated into the host material of the organic light emitting diode (OLED) or thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) layers, improving the resultant devices performance, colour quality, and efficiency. Maximize your device efficency further by fabricating and testing new devices in a glove box environment.

OLED dopant materials are often found as a central metal atom surrounded by organic ligands that control the energy levels and emission wavelength. These ligands can also be selected to enhance the solubility and processability within the host material.

TADF dopant materials feature donor-acceptor molecular structures that lead to energy differences in excited states, generating fluorescence via efficient reverse intersystem crossing. The structure and spatial arrangement of the donor and acceptor units play a key role. Respectively ensuring the LUMO and HUMO align well with the host material for efficient charge transport and effective charge separation and stabilisation.

Small amounts of these materials are able to introduce large changes in the performance and are thus critical tools in the design of light emitting devices. Explore our collection of blue, green, and red dopant materials for OLEDs and TADF devices.

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