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Spin Coater Syringe Pump Bundle

Two year warranty
Product Code L2001A3-L2003S1-B1-E461-UK

Ossila’s Spin Coater Syringe Pump Bundle includes both pieces of equipment, along with a FREE connection adapter, disposable syringes, PTFE tubing, and needles. 

The adapter enables you to easily combine the precision and automatic control of our Syringe Pump with the versatility of our Spin Coater. It also allows up to four different streams of solution to be dispensed (using the tubing provided). Standard manual dispense can also be carried out by using the opening in the centre of the adapter.

The Ossila Syringe Pump can be selected as either a single or dual pump variant. For the dual syringe variant, each can operate independently - e.g.  one can be in infusion mode whilst the other is in withdraw mode, or one can be used while the other is not being used.

The full contents of the bundle are:

  • Spin Coater Adapter
  • PTFE tubing x5 (with Luer lock adapters on each end) 
  • Blunt Needles x50 (20 Gauge, 1 inch Length)


The new adapter allows up to four separate streams of solution into the Spin Coater through the provided tubing, along with a hole for standard coating through the centre. By combining the Syringe Pump and Spin Coater, complex multi-step processes can be easily carried out with a high level of repeatability. Examples include:

    • Perovskite anti-solvent quenching by dispensing solvent a precise amount time after the initial solution
    • Rapid multi-layer coating
    • In-situ reactions of components during coating
    • Pre-coating surfaces with a carrier solvent or monolayer to improve wetting


      Both the Spin Coater and Syringe Pump can provide a wide range of speeds and have inbuilt software that doesn’t require external connections to a computer, so you can get started straight away. The software allows several multi-step programs to be saved on both pieces of equipment, meaning they can be combined in endless ways.

      The Spin Coater and Syringe Pump are both covered by Ossila’s FREE 2-year warranty, and are designed to be used in labs, with solvent-safe components throughout. 

      Syringe Pump
      Possible Syringe Sizes 5 µl - 50 mL
      Flow Rates 0.1 nL/s - 4.17 mL/s (depending on syringe size)
      Speed 12 µm/s - 5 mm/s
      Programs 20 programs with a total of 99 steps
      Dimensions 330 x 140 x 260 mm
      Spin Coater
      Speed 120 - 6000 rpm
      Spin Time 1 - 1000 sec
      Programs 10 on each profile, up to 50 steps each
      Dimensions 225 x 170 x 132 mm

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