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Product Code L2001A3-L2003S1-B1-E461-UK
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Automate and control solution dispense and unlock advanced spin coating techniques

Spin coater and syringe pump, available at a discounted price with a FREE connector

Spin Coater adapter

The Ossila Spin Coating Kit includes both pieces of equipment, along with a FREE connection adapter, disposable syringes, PTFE tubing, and needles. The adapter enables you to easily combine the precision and automatic control of the Ossila Syringe Pump with the versatility of the Ossila Spin Coater.

Using the tubing provided, up to four different streams of solution can be dispensed. Standard manual dispensing can still be carried out unimpeded too, using the opening in the centre of the adapter. The Spin Coater and Syringe Pump are both covered by our FREE two-year warranty, and are designed to be used in labs, with solvent-safe components throughout.

The bundle comes with a free spin coater chuck of your choosing (please see the specifications tab if you are unsure which to select) and is available with either the single or dual pump version of the Ossila Syringe Pump. For the dual syringe pump model, each can operate independently. For example, one syringe can be in infusion mode whilst the other is in withdraw mode, or one can be used while the other is not being used.

Two-Year Warranty

Two-Year Warranty

Covered by the Ossila Warranty

Syringe Compatibility

Syringe Compatibility

universal syringe clamps which accept syringe sizes ranging from 0.5 μl to 60 ml.

Full Control

Full Control

Control the spin speed & save recipes with up to 50 steps

Compact and Lab-Proof

Compact and Lab-Proof

high quality, durable, and solvent-safe


Demonstration of using the Ossila Spin Coater Syringe Adapter

Why Use a Syringe Pump to Dispense Solutions when Spin Coating

Spin coating is one of the most popular techniques for creating thin-films. The method is quick, accurate, and easy to control. A spin coater like the Ossila Spin Coater allows you to control the spin speed and save recipes with up to 50 steps, and therefore allows you to create films of various thicknesses. However, without a syringe pump, the solution must be manually dispensed (typically by using a pipette) and it is therefore difficult to control the rate, volume, and timing with which the solution is applied to the substrate. This makes it difficult to accurately reproduce a given experiment. In addition, a number of advanced spin coating techniques require set volumes of multiple different solutions to be added at controlled rates, at different times during the process.

The new adapter for the Ossila Spin Coater allows up to four separate streams of solution into the Spin Coater through the provided tubing, along with a hole for standard coating through the centre. By combining the Syringe Pump and Spin Coater, complex multi-step processes can be easily carried out with a high level of repeatability.

Spin Coater connected to a syringe pump
The Ossila Spin Coater connected to an Ossila Syringe Pump using the spin coater adapter

Key Features

Built-In Software

Built-In Software

No external PC required, both the Syringe Pump and Spin Coater feature built-in software which allows multi-step programs (20 programs with a total of 99 steps on the syringe pump and 10 on each profile on the spin coater, with up to 50 steps each) to be created and saved with ease.

Complete Control

Complete Control

Take your spin coating to the next level. Together, the Spin Coater and Syringe Pump give you complete control over the spin speed and the solution dispense rate and volume, with a high degree of precision. Easily and accurately reproduce your experiments every time.

More Applications

More Applications

Spin coaters are widely used for quickly and easily creating thin films, but there are many applications that require more precise control over the deposition. For example, when anti-solvent quenching, it is important to allow a precise amount of time to pass after the initial solution before adding the solvent. Similarly, for synthesising multilayered structures, a dual pump syringe pump is invaluable.

Multiple Modes of Operation

Multiple Modes of Operation

The Spin Coater and Syringe Pump included in the bundle offer are the same as those offered as standalone products, meaning you can use them together with the supplied adapter, or as separate units for any experiment that only requires one or the other. In addition, each syringe pump on the dual pump model can be controlled completely independently of the other.

Large Range of Spin and Dispense Speeds

Large Range of Spin and Dispense Speeds

The spin speed on the Ossila Spin Coater can be set to anything from 120 rpm to 6000 rpm to cover everything from slow dry crystallisation to ultra-thin films. The Syringe Pump, meanwhile, is capable of speeds from 12 µm/s to 5 mm/s (resulting in flow rates from 0.1 nL/s to 4.17 mL/s depending on the size of the syringe used).

Compact and Lab-Proof

Compact and Lab-Proof

The compact design (the syringe pump measures just 330 x 140 x 260 mm and the spin coater measures 225 x 170 x 132 mm) and high quality, durable, and solvent-safe construction of the two units make them suitable for busy labs and glove boxes. Since the spin coater is not burdened by a vacuum pump, it is easy to move from place-to-place to make room when space is limited.

Unbeatable Value

Unbeatable Value

The spin coating kit offers unbeatable value. Available for less than the two units can be bought seperately, the package also includes the Spin Coater Adapter plus PTFE tubing, solvent-resistant syringes, blunt needles, and one free spin coater chuck. Order yours today.

Ossila Guarantee

Backed by the Ossila Guarantee

All our products are backed by the Ossila Guarantee, and our equipment comes with a free two-year warranty to protect against any unexpected issues. The Ossila Guarantee also includes fast and secure worldwide shipping, large order discounts, and expert support from our team of scientists and engineers.

Find out more about the Ossila Spin Coater and Ossila Syringe Pump.


Our spin coating kit can be used for everything that Ossila Spin Coater and the Ossila Syringe Pump can be used for independently, but also brings new options for spin coating processes that use more than one solvent (we recommend that you choose the dual syringe pump model for the maximum amount of control in these cases) or require automated dispensing with precise timings, solvent volumes, or dispensing rate of flow.

Examples of spin coating processes which require automated dispensing include:

  • Perovskite anti-solvent quenching by dispensing solvent a precise amount time after the initial solution
  • Rapid multi-layer coating
  • In-situ reactions of components during coating
  • Pre-coating surfaces with a carrier solvent or monolayer to improve wetting

Included with the Spin Coating Kit

Ossila Processing Equipment for Precision Spin Coating

The Ossila Spin Coater

The Ossila Spin Coater

The Ossila Spin Coater, pre-loaded with on-board software, is a completely programmable spin coater. The vacuum-free design reduces substrate warping and results in a compact unit that can be easily be used within a glove box or in any busy lab. Supplied with your choice of cable, and covered by our free two-year warranty.

For more information, please see the Ossila Spin Coater product page.

The Ossila Dual Syringe Pump

Single or Dual Ossila Syringe Pump

Your choice of single or dual Ossila Syringe Pump. The dual model allows each syringe to operate completely independently, for maximum flexibility, while the single driver model provides a budget-friendly option for those who do not need the extra syringe. Both models are capable of both infusion or withdrawal. Supplied with your choice of cable, and covered by our free two-year warranty.

For more information, please see the Ossila Syringe Pump collection page.

Adapter, Connectors, Chuck, and Accessories

Spin Coater Adapter

Spin Coater Adapter

The Spin Coater adapter for Syringe Pumps, only available as part of this offer, makes it easy to use the Ossila Spin Coater with a syringe pump. The part fits into the dispensing hole in the spin coater lid and holds up to four 2.5 cm (1 inch) needles in position above the substrate.

The centre of the adapter features a small opening to allow for precise solution deposition for manual dispensing.

Ossila Spin Coater Chuck

Ossila Spin Coater Chuck

The Ossila Spin Coater chuck holds the substrate in place during the spin coating process, without the need for a costly vacuum (which are a common source of substrate warping). Choose a chuck to match the size substrate you use, or contact us for a custom chuck. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can also print your own chucks using our freely available STL and SLDPRT designs.

For more information, please see the Spin Coater Chuck product page.

Disposable syringes

Solvent-Resistant Syringes

The spin coating kit comes with everything you need to get started, including fifteen 5 ml Norm-Ject Disposable Luer Lock Syringes. We recommend using these syringes as they have an all plastic solvent-resistant construction with a tight seal that does not use rubber.

See the disposable syringe product page for more information.

Disposable syringes

PTFE tubing and Blunt Needles

To connect everything together, the bundle includes five lengths of PTFE tubing with Luer Lock adapters on each end. These connect to the syringes on one end, and a needle on the other, which then goes into the Spin Coater adapter. Fifty blunt needles are included (20 Gauge, 1 inch Length) to get you started.

Resources and Support

Support is always available; start with the guides below and contact us if you need any further assistance.

Spin Coating: Complete Guide to Theory and Techniques Spin Coating: Complete Guide to Theory and Techniques

Spin coating is a common technique for applying thin films to substrates. When a solution of a material and a solvent is spun at high speeds, the centripetal force and the surface tension of the liquid together create an even covering.

Solution-Processing Techniques: A Comparison Solution-Processing Techniques: A Comparison

When it comes to depositing highly-uniform wet thin films, there are many different solution-processing techniques capable of producing high-quality films at low cost.

Perovskites and Perovskite Solar Cells - An Introduction Perovskites and Perovskite Solar Cells - An Introduction

The rapid improvement of perovskite solar cells has made them the rising star of the photovoltaics world and of huge interest to the academic community.

View All Spin Coating Resources

Wet thin film coating techniques use a liquid precursor to coat a material evenly across the surface of a substrate by first forming a near-atomically thin wet film. Compared to other deposition methods, wet thin film coating is inexpensive and produces high quality films with relative ease.


Technical Specifications

Spin Coater Specifications
User Profiles 10
Programs 10 programs on each user profile, with up to 50 steps each
Speed Stability <2% error
Speed 120 to 6000 RPM
Spin Time 1 – 1000 s
Power Supply DC 24 V 2 A, via 100 – 240 V 50/60Hz power adapter
Safety Switch Magnetic safety switch on the door
Dimensions (W x H x D) 225 mm x 170 mm x 132 mm (8.86" x 6.69" x 5.20")
Materials Polypropylene bowl, steel casing, tempered glass lid
Syringe Pump Specifications
Syringes 1 (L2003S1); 2(L2003D1)
Operations Modes Infusion and Withdrawal
Rate Accuracy ±3%
Drive Motor 1.8° Stepper Motor
Max Linear Force 500 N
Motor Drive Controller Microprocessor with 1/64 microstepping
Screw Pitch 1 mm
Distance per Microstep 78 nm
Maximum Step Rate/Distance 27 μstep.min-1; 5 mm.s-1
Minimum Step Rate/Distance 27 sec.μstep-1; 12 μm.s-1
Maximum Syringe Size 50 (60)ml
Minimum Syringe Size 0.5 μl
Safety Limit Swtiches; Crash Sensing
Power 24 V DC; 2.0 A
Power Supply Input Voltage Range 100 – 230 V; 50/60 Hz; 50 VA
Operating Temperature/Humidity 5 °C to 40 °C; Up to 80% RH at 31 °C
Overall Dimensions 330 mm x 140 mm x 260 mm (W x H x D)
Number of Programs 10
Steps per Program 100
Syringe Control Independent control
Syringe Size Settings 5 pre-sets, 1 customisable diameter
Force Tuning 5% to 100% (5% increments)
Memory Non-volatile memory

Spin Coater Chuck Specifications

E461 chuck for 20 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm substrates and 50 mm x 50 mm x 1 mm substrates

This chuck has been designed for use with the Ossila substrate range. It features two levels to fit both 20 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm substrates and 50 mm x 50 mm x 1 mm substrates, and can also be used with carrier plates to further increase the range of substrate sizes that can be used.

20mm x 15mm and 50mm spin coater chuck
E461 two-level spin coater chuck (all dimensions in mm)

E462 chuck for 1 x 1 inch square substrates (25.4 mm x 25.4 mm x 1 mm)

The E462 chuck has been designed for use with 1 x 1 inch square substrates.

1 inch x 1 inch spin coater chuck
E462 single level spin coater chuck (dimensions shown in mm)

E463 chuck for 76 mm x 26 mm x 1 mm microscope slides and 20 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm substrates

For labs which use microscope slides or 20 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm substrates.

Spin coater chuck for microscope slides
Two-level spin coater chuck (all dimensions in mm)

Custom Chucks

Please contact us if you require a custom sized chuck. Alternatively, if you have access to a 3D printer, our STL and SLDPRT designs (for AutoCAD / TurboCAD and SolidWorks) are available to download.

Customer Chuck Requirements

Maximum diameter of chuck 85 mm
Maximum depth of substrate 2.5 mm
Maximum width of substrate 55 mm

Customer Chuck Downloads

To the best of our knowledge the information provided here is accurate. The values provided are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch. Products may have minor cosmetic differences (e.g. to the branding) compared to the photos on our website. All products are for laboratory and research and development use only.

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