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Careers at Ossila

We pave the way to discoveries that can change the world

Jobs at Ossila

We are an ambitious, fast-growing provider of high-performance lab equipment and materials for the scientific research industry. Our team are committed to providing the best customer service and highest quality products to our customers; join us and make a real impact on the future of research. We are a value-driven company and offer competitive salaries, benefits, and a great work environment in all our locations. If you are a talented and motivated individual who is passionate about what you do and eager to make a difference, we want to hear from you. Find out more about our teams below, or browse jobs in Sheffield or jobs in Leiden.

Collaboration is at the core of all that we do and the heart of our success and we are very proud of our open, communicative, and dynamic working environment. As a relatively small but fast-growing organisation who designs, manufactures, and markets niche scientific products to an international audience, we found that there is no substitute for face-to-face communication. This makes it possible for us to learn from each other, discuss strategy, and work together to solve problems. The most significant scientific breakthroughs of the last century were made possible through effective collaboration, and this has also been the key to our success over the last decade and a half. This type of collaboration is important for all jobs at Ossila. Joining us on-site in Sheffield or Leiden will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself, working together with other like-minded people to overcome obstacles and create exciting new projects that make a difference.

We are a high growth company and are always looking to expand our team. From marketing and operations to product development and manufacturing, we have roles to suit everyone. Explore our job opportunities to discover your place with us and challenge yourself to reach new heights.

Join Our Team

International customer care at Ossila

Customer Service Jobs

Alongside our team of international trade experts, you will help facilitate the sale of renewable energy and materials science products to over 80 countries around the world! By gaining skills in multiple aspects of trade, from shipping and taxes to customs clearance documentation and regulatory compliance, you will be export savvy in no time. Apply for a customer service job, join our customer care team and become part of the operational powerhouse behind Ossila.

Research and development at Ossila

Science and Engineering Jobs

Plan, design, build, and deploy the next generation of scientific equipment. Join our R&D team and become responsible for catering to the demands of the academic and commercial scientific communities. You will produce innovative instrumentation designs to make science more accessible and bring these products to market. Working at the forefront of scientific research will see you constantly engaging your out-of-the-box thinking, versatile skill sets, and an ever-growing knowledge of the industry.

Electronics at Ossila

Electronics Jobs

Join our electronics team and become responsible for testing, calibrating, fault finding, and re-working our PCB assemblies. These assemblies are at the heart of our range of lab equipment, including the Ossila Source Measure Unit, Potentiostat, Spin Coater, Slot Die Coater, Glove Box, Optical Spectrometer, and more. Working closely with the manufacturing and R&D teams, you will play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of our products.

Programming at Ossila

Programming Jobs

As an Ossila software engineer, you will be responsible for making complex tasks as simple as possible. Alongside your team, you will be key in designing the interfaces between our equipment and the users while ensuring that our internal systems are efficient and personalised. Working primarily in Python, possibly with a little C++, you will be working closely with the R&D teams to turn a collection of electronic components into an innovative and exciting scientific device.

Manufacturing at Ossila

Manufacturing Jobs

Interested in being part of a small, skilled manufacturing team? We offer the opportunity to become fully involved in the building and packing of high-quality, innovative products for scientific research. Working in our open-plan, multi-use space in Sheffield, you will have a hand in manufacturing all of our products, from our spin coater to our glove box. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to engage in other activities, from stock ordering and database management to assisting the R&D team with new and ongoing projects and sharing ideas on product improvements.

Chemistry at Ossila

Chemistry Jobs

Join our chemistry team and participate in every stage of the materials development process while also getting hands-on experience engaging with our global supply chain. You will get the opportunity to partake in our dynamic growth by bringing novel materials to market and expanding our current catalogue of over 700 materials. Furthermore, your role will see you consistently promoting our excellent customer service by delivering quality products and quality technical support to both researchers and institutions.

IT and security at Ossila

IT and Cybersecurity Jobs

As a member of our IT and cybersecurity team, you will be the first line of support for our staff and the first line of defence against inbound cybersecurity threats. Day to day, your activities will be incredibly diverse, so you will always be kept on your feet. Ranging from network optimisation, cloud deployment, mobile device management, and dealing with threats, you will constantly be using both operational excellence and strategic thinking. For a business of our size, our IT requirements are unique and rapidly evolving, and your role will reflect this. Help us grow and sustain a system of IT infrastructure that keeps Ossila effective and dynamic.

Marketing at Ossila

Website and Marketing Jobs

Join our marketing team and help us turn Ossila into a globally recognised scientific brand. Responsible for optimising the customer journey from initial search to purchase, you will have the opportunity to use tools ranging from search engine optimisation (SEO) to content writing to graphic design and videography. We are a small but collaborative team, and you will be constantly working together to create effective and data-driven content to drive the performance of the business by growing sales across more than 800 products.

Student Placements at Ossila

Student Placements

We run on-site student placements and paid off-site writing projects. Check our jobs pages for open vacancies or get in touch with us to express interest in future opportunities. We have worked with students (from undergraduates to PhD students) on coding, R&D, marketing, and stock management projects. Our student placements give you a valuable experience working at a high-tech company in Sheffield and will stand you in good stead when you graduate and look to land a permanent position in industry.

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