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Perovskite Inks

Precursor ink stoichiometry is an extremely important factor which can affect many things during perovskite preparations, including:

  • Perovskite crystal structure
  • Thin film morphology
  • Device performance and stability

When making perovskite precursor solutions, it's important to precisely define and carefully measure the precursor materials.

Our pre-prepared perovskite inks are carefully prepared by our chemists, with a long shelf-life guaranteed to ensure they are in great condition when they reach your lab. These inks are tried and tested by researchers and are the easiest and quickest way to start making perovskite solar cells.

We have a range of inks so you can find the solution that best suits your lab and processing needs. Our classic perovskite inks (I101 and I201 for air and nitrogen processing respectively) have been used in many perovskite studies and consistently reliably produce PSC devices. For high efficiency perovskite solar cells, we have developed our triple cation ink utilizing mixed halides and mixed cations to create high efficiency devices with improved stability, compared to their single cation components.

Ossila Perovskite Inks

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