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Product Code L2001B1-U2-UK
Price £2,450 ex. VAT

10,000 RPM Spin Coater with Improved Speed Stability

Produce uniform films in demanding, high precision applications

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With a range of advanced features, this spin coater is ideal for complex, high precision spin coating processes. Make use of long spin cycles and spin speeds up to 10,000 rpm to fabricate uniform coatings without a vacuum pump. With a speed stability error margin of less than 0.25%, you can have confidence in a consistent and reliable coating process that produces high quality thin films. 

The spin coater bowl accommodates substrates up to 100 mm in diameter and the system includes a free all-in-one spin coater chuck designed to hold the four most common substrate sizes. Rigorously optimized by our R&D team, the chuck improves air flow dynamics and mechanical performance of the system at high speeds. This gives you a new level of control over your thin film production.

For controllable, automated dispensing of solvents, our spin coaters are also available with either our single syringe pump or dual syringe pump at a discounted price as part of the Ossila Spin Coating Kit.

Lab proof spin coater

Built to Last

Chemical-resistant PTFE bowl

Spin coater with a range of speeds

High Spin Speeds

500 to 10,000 rpm

Vacuum free spin coater

Vacuum Free

Innovative chuck design

Long spin coating cycles

Long Spin Cycles

Spin cycles up to 3600 seconds

User-friendly spin coater design

Easy to Use

User friendly design

Compact spin coater

Space-Saving Design

22.5 cm x 17 cm footprint

Compact spin coater

Great Value

High quality coating system

Two-Year Warranty

Two-Year Warranty

Buy with confidence


User Profiles 15
Programs 10 programs on each user profile, with up to 50 steps each
Speed stability <0.25% error
Speed 500 to 10,000 RPM
Spin time 1 – 3600 sec
Max Substrate Size 100 mm (4") diameter
Power Supply DC 24 V 2 A, via 100–240 V 50/60 Hz power adapter
Safety Switch Magnetic safety switch on the door
Additional Features Built-in spirit level and adjustable feet
Materials PTFE bowl, powder coated steel casing, tempered glass lid
Dimensions (D x W x H) 225 mm x 170 mm x 140 mm (8.86" x 6.69" x 5.51")
Weight 3.7 kg

Spin Coater Advanced Features

Large range of speeds

High Spin Speeds

Choose spin speeds from 500 to 10,000 rpm with an error margin of 0.25%. Tailor the spin speed to your specific needs and explore a wider range of materials and coating thicknesses in your research. Higher speeds are essential in electronics and optics, and when coating with high viscosity materials.

Easy to install


With no vacuum or nitrogen line to connect, simply plug in the spin coater to get started with your research straight away. Ossila spin coaters can produce uniform films with zero substrate warping or damage, even when coating flexible substrates.

All-in-one chuck design

Optimized Chuck Design

Using fluid dynamic simulations, the chuck improves airflow over the substrate, reduces solvent build up, and ensures mechanical stability at extremely high rotational speeds. Plus the all-in-one design holds four common substrate sizes without the need to switch between chucks.

Spin cycles up to an hour

Long Spin Cycles

Extend your spin cycles up to 3600 seconds to achieve better solvent evaporation and more controlled layer formation. Useful for multilayer coatings and graded film properties in the development of advanced materials, and biocompatibility in biotechnology applications.

Fewer variables, better films

Enhanced Chemical Resistance

The PTFE bowl offers superior chemical resistance. It is non-reactive with many chemicals, making it ideal for use with a wide range of solvents and coatings. The non-stick properties of PTFE also make the bowl easier to clean, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between different coating processes.

Full control

Full Control

The straight-forward operation and design makes spin coating quick and easy, even in more complex applications. Plus, the Ossila Spin Coater Advanced is easily programmable with 15 user profiles, making it the perfect addition for a busy, shared lab.

Safety First

Safety First

The spin coater operates on a 24 V DC power supply, eliminating the need for high voltage or specialized power sources with extra requirements. It is shielded from solvents and tampering, featuring a magnetic safety switch that stops the spinning chuck when the lid is open.

Why Go Vacuum-Free?

Many spin coaters in the market use vacuum pumps to hold substrates while they spin. The Ossila spin coater use an innovative chuck design that does not require a vacuum. Substrates are held in place by recesses cut into a polypropylene chuck, allowing excess coating material to be drained away.

Thin substrates are likely to be warped inwards by vacuum chucks, affecting coating uniformity. The force of vacuum on the solutions deposited on top of porous substrates, such as ceramics, also leads to inhomogeneity. This reduces the quality and performance of devices. Our vacuum-free chucks ensure an even film distribution by keeping your substrates flat and free from damage, even if they are flexible substrates.

Without a vacuum line, the Ossila spin coaters can be set up anywhere with a single mains socket. Spin coat on a lab bench, in a fume hood, or a glove box, all in the same day thanks to its easy setup and compact size.

Most spin coaters are also burdened by the hidden cost of vacuum pumps that are usually excluded from the full system price. Vacuum pumps are prone to breaking, resulting in expensive repairs and delays. This is mainly caused by excess solvents being sucked into the vacuum line, damaging the internal components. Short-term and long-term costs can be reduced by using a vacuum-free Ossila spin coater, which gives you everything you need to start spin coating.

Spin Coater in use Spin Coater used with UV Ozone Cleaner Ossila Spin Coater Advanced in motion Adding substrate to Ossila Spin Coater Advanced Ossila Spin Coater Advanced

Ossila Spin Coater Testimonials

We recently purchased an Ossila Spin Coater. Its compact size and vacuum-free system is ideal for our rather over-crowded laboratory, and it has enabled us to prepare a series of high-quality block copolymer thin films. The chucks make it easy to use different substrates and we have programmed several spin cycles, which allows systematic variation of the copolymer film thickness with good reproducibility.

Professor Steve Armes FRS, Professor of Polymer and Colloid Chemistry, University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield logo
I use a Contact Angle Goniometer and Spin Coater from Ossila, the best tools I have ever used for the application of Perovskite solar cells. I plan to order more devices from the same brand.

Ashique Kotta, Jeonbuk National University

In the Box

  • Ossila Spin Coater Advanced
  • All-in-one spin coater chuck (L2001U2)
  • Power supply

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Resources and Support

The Ossila Spin Coater Advanced Spin Coater Advanced: Upgrades and Specifications

The Spin Coater Advanced offers more control than the classic spin coater in a wide range of areas. These advancements make the our advanced spin coater ideal for high-precision and demanding applications.

Spin coater chuck design Reinventing the Spin Coater Chuck

The bigger, better chuck provides an all-in-one solution if you have multiple sizes of substrates to coat. Plus improved aerodynamics and mechanical performance produce more uniform films.

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