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Product Code G2009B1-GA1
Price £2,350 ex. VAT

Light Simulator for Characterizing Indoor Photovoltaic Devices

Reliable LED light source for fast and consistent indoor and outdoor PV testing

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A compact system to easily replicate indoor illumination levels, the Ossila Indoor Light Simulator consists of a solar simulator and detachable indoor light filter. This gives you the flexibility to switch between indoor PV and outdoor solar cell testing within your research.

For traditional PV testing, the Ossila Solar Simulator is ideal for characterizing small-area solar cells, providing excellent AAA spectral distribution over a 15 mm diameter area and ABA classification over a 25 mm diameter area (IEC 60904-9:2020 International Standard). The solar simulator offers stable and reliable output, easily achieving Class A temporal stability. Plus, it requires zero maintenance and minimal warm up time.

For indoor PV testing, the indoor light filter allows you can match the spectral output for testing indoor PV devices and achieve class ABSA illumination over a 20 mm diameter area at two different illuminance levels. The filter enables the Solar Simulator to meet the specifications required for the IEC TS 62607-7-2:2023 international standard for testing photovoltaics in indoor conditions.

Indoor light filter

Indoor Light Filter

Test indoor PV devices

Long Lifetime

Long Lifetime

10,000 operating hours

Minimal Warm-up Time

Minimal Warm-Up Time

Ready to use and measure



Highly efficient LED bulb

Spectral Tunability

Spectral Tunability

Tune with powerful software

Compact Size

Compact Size

Portable and modular design

No Explosion Risk

No Explosion Risk

LED-based, steady state

Two-Year Warranty

Two-Year Warranty

Buy with confidence


Solar Simulator

Type LED-Based, Steady State
Spectral deviation <70%
Spectral coverage >80%
Working distance 8.5 cm (3.35")
Irradiance (at working distance) 1000 W/m2
Maximum Lamp Time 10000 hours
Dimensions (head only) L x W x H 10.5 cm x 9.0 cm x 8.0 cm (4.13" x 3.54" x 3.15")
Weight 600 g (1.32 lbs)

Indoor Light Filter

Illuminance Levels 1000 lx, 200 lx
Spectral Coincidence A
Spatial Non-Uniformity B - 20 mm diameter
Temporal Stability SA
Dimensions 14 cm x 12 cm x 2 cm
Weight 70 g

Indoor Light Simulator Features

Indoor light filter

Indoor Light Filter

Achieve class ABA illumination over a 20 mm diameter area at two different illuminance levels. Simply attach the filter to your Ossila Solar Simulator and set the indoor illumination level using the Solar Simulator Console software.

Wide UV-Vis-NIR spectral range

High-Performance LED Lamp

The Ossila Indoor Light Simulator uses LEDs to generate its light output. LEDs offer high efficiency, a long lifetime, good temporal stability, zero maintenance, spectral tunability, ozone-free operation, and no explosion risk.

Modular Design

Modular Design

The modular design gives you the freedom to switch between an indoor PV or solar cell testing system, allowing for versatile and adaptable testing setups. This flexibility enables seamless transitions between different testing environments, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Easy-to-Use Software

Easy-to-Use Software

Our free, downloadable software allows you to control the LED and set the indoor illumination level right for your needs. You can also control the lamp using a serial command library. This can be useful for specialist measurements and spectral output, including indoor PV measurement or low light intensity conditions.

Compact Design, Adaptable Functionality

Adaptable Setup

With a very small footprint, the Ossila Indoor Simulator is perfect for busy laboratories. It can also be used in closer spaces where space is limited, such as a glove box* or in a laminar flow hood. Setup the system on any benchtop with the included optical breadboard, or attach the stand to a larger optical bench surface.

* Not for use in volatile environments.

The Ossila Indoor Light Simulator can achieve up to ABA classification standards over a 20 mm area. This is perfect for testing small area devices, and ideal if you already use our 20 mm x 15 mm substrates. The Ossila Solar Simulator also delivers class ACA illumination over a larger area (25mm diameter). This is suitable for testing large area devices which can be made on our 25 mm x 25 mm substrate systems. We individually calibrate each system with a NIST traceable photo radiometer and include a performance report with each unit. Click on the image below to download a sample report.

Indoor PV Report

Manual Solar Simulator Indoor Light Filter Solar Simulator solar cell testing board Instalation of Solar Simulator Indoor Light Filter Close up Solar Simulator Indoor Light Filter Solar simulator head


The Ossila Solar Simulator Console enables you to control and customize the output of your indoor light simulator. You can choose the overall power level or control each LED in the individually to tailor the output to your specific requirements. It is included for free with your new indoor light simulator system, so you can get started on your research straight away.

Solar Simulator Console software
Solar Simulator Console software

In the Box

  • LED Solar Simulator
  • Indoor Light Filter
  • Optical Breadboard
  • Adjustable Height Stand

Accessories and Related Products

Resources and Support

Indoor Light Filter Installation Indoor Light Filter Installation

This guide shows you how to attach the Ossila Indoor Light Filter to our solar simulator. Once the filter is attached, you are ready to start testing your indoor photovoltaic devices across two different indoor illumination levels.

The Solar Spectrum How to Set Up Your Indoor Light Simulator Light Source

This guide shows you how to assemble the Ossila Indoor Light Simulator and Ossila Solar Simulator.

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