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Our Writing Team

We have built, and continue to grow, a team of scientific, product, and research & development experts. Together, our Ossila experts have an extensive background in academia and industry, paired with comprehensive scientific and product knowledge.

Creating free scientific resources available to everyone is one way we achieve our mission of removing the barriers to research. Our resources cover the underpinning theory behind our products (including our glove box), their applications, and practical user advice based on decades of research experience.

The Ossila Experts

Mary O'Kane author icon

Dr. Mary O'Kane

Application Scientist (Physics)

Mary has a masters degree in Physics from the University of Sheffield. She continued on to a PhD specialising in Perovskite Solar Cells and Perovskite Precursor Inks. As an Application Scientist at Ossila, she creates, sources, and reviews our resources to help customers get the most out of our equipment and materials.

Amelia Wood author icon

Dr. Amelia Wood

Application Scientist (Chemistry)

Amelia has a Chemistry masters degree, with a year in industry working with polymers. During her PhD, she focused on 2D metal-organic framework nanosheets for biosensing applications. As an Application Scientist, she creates, sources, and reviews our resources to help customers get the most out of our materials and equipment.

Jon Griffin author icon

Dr. Jon Griffin

Product Developer

Jon has an MPhys and PhD in Physics. His research background is in the development of scalable deposition techniques for the fabrication of organic photovoltaic devices. As a Product Developer working to build and improve new and existing products, Jon has extensive knowledge of our processing equipment.

Omar Sayidmarie author icon

Dr. Omar Sayidmarie

R&D Engineer

Omar received his BSc, and MSc degree in Computer Engineering in 2002 and 2005, respectively. In 2016, he completed a PhD degree in robotics and embedded systems from the University of Sheffield. As an electronics R&D engineer, Omar is involved in the development of our processing and measurement equipment.

Zain Waite author icon

Zain Waite

Product Specialist

Zain has a post-graduate degree from the University of Manchester in Clinical Biochemistry, as well as an undergraduate degree in Medical Biochemistry. As part of the Technical Customer Support function, Zain continuously expands his Ossila product knowledge and aids customers with technical queries.

Freddie Ward author icon

Freddie Ward

Product Specialist

Following a BSc in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, Freddie continued his study of the subject through an MSc from the University of Sheffield. As part of the Technical Customer Support function, Freddie is a specialist in our test and measurement products.

Chris Bracher author icon

Dr. Chris Bracher

Software Engineer

Chris has an MPhys in Physics from the University of Sheffield. He then completed a PhD in Organic (Polymer) and Perovskite Solar Cells, focusing on the impact of production on performance and long-term stability. As a Software Engineer, Chris develops application software and measurement equipment for our product catalogue.

Our Content Team

Imogen Pass copyeditor icon

Imogen Pass

Editor and Writer

Imogen edits our resources to ensure they are clear and easy to understand, occasionally creating new content as well.

Sam Force graphic desginer icon

Sam Force

Graphic Designer

With a strong background in design, Sam creates visual content to make our scientific resources more accessible.

Linda Vidova scientic writer icon

Linda Vidova

Scientifc Writer and PR Officer

Linda is undertaking her PhD in the Genetics of Cancer. She contributes to our online resources as a Scientific Writer.

Caitlin Ryan scientific writer icon

Caitlin Ryan

Scientific Writer

While pursuing a PhD in Materials Science, Caitlin creates easy-to-understand informational resources.

Dinesh Behera scientific writer icon

Dinesh Behera

Scientific Writer

Alongside a postgrad degree in Solar Cell Technology, Dinesh writes about perovskites and photovoltaic devices.

Faye Barker scientic writer icon

Faye Barker

Scientifc Writer

While Faye studies her masters in Solar Cell Technology, she writes about perovskites and indoor photovoltaics.

How We Write

Being able to verify the quality and accuracy of information is essential, especially in the field of scientific research. For this reason, we are transparent about how our resources are written and who they are written by.

Who Writes for Us?

All of our resources are written, edited, or reviewed by an Ossila expert or freelance scientific writer/editor on behalf of Ossila. Involving both internal and external writers broadens our areas of expertise, and offers a range of new perspectives from researchers with first-hand experience. Each piece of externally written content is reviewed and edited by one of our Ossila experts.

In order to optimize our writing processes, our content team use pre-trained AI to assist them with content creation, including content writing, editing, and idea generation. All content written with the assistance of AI is reviewed by an Ossila expert before being published.

Getting It Right

With the pace of scientific discovery moving quickly, keeping our resources up to date and factually correct is important. Our Ossila experts work with our content team to maintain and update resource pages. Older pages with historical relevance include a clear disclaimer that the content is no longer up to date.

While we try our best to ensure all of our resources are correct and error free, as humans, we sometimes make mistakes. If you discover any opportunities for corrections or improvements in our resources, you can get in touch.

Contributing Authors

Alongside our in-house experts, we work with a range of external scientific writers. If you would like to write for us, take a look at our Ossila Writers page for more information on how to apply.

Current Contributors

Christopher Passmore PhD Student Collaborator: Responsive Manufacturing of Thick to Thin Films at the University of Sheffield
Jack Atkinson PhD Student Collaborator: Responsive Manufacturing of Thick to Thin Films at the University of Sheffield
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