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Cathode Active Materials

Cathode active materials are a key component in any battery. In the rapidly evolving world of energy storge, our high purity metal oxides meet the increasing demand for reliable, safe, and affordable lithium battery technology.

Key Features and Applications

  • Depending on their metal composition, cathode materials offer varied characteristics: manganese and cobalt for safety, nickel for high capacity, and aluminum for high power.
  • Our range of high quality cathode active materials includes the bench mark materials lithium cobalt oxide and lithium iron phosphate, renowned for their high specific and volumetric energy density.
  • For electric vehicles, ternary oxide lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide has displayed great advantages with relatively high energy density, low cost, low toxicity, and cycle stability.

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More on Cathode Active Materials

Cathode active material is the key component of any battery, in its lithiated and delithiated forms presented in present in discharged and charged battery cells respectively. This material is normally required to be present in large quantity since it is the only cell component that contribute to energy storage.

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