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A multi-purpose probe station, to simplify and speed up measurement. By using three interchangeable probe heads, pre-aligned for a variety of substrate architectures, it becomes quicker and easier to measure:

  • OFET & TFT mobility,
  • Chremiresistor & chemiFET sensors,
  • Sheet resistance and four point probe characterisation,
  • Graphene and 2D characterisation (IV curves and field effect measurements).

The use of gold-coated spring-loaded connectors provides a revolution in contact ease by ensuring robust electro-mechanical connections while massively reducing substrate damage often caused by conventional probes.


Probe station OFET zoom
Probe station: high density (HD) probe head on Ossila HD pre-fabricated OFET.



Designed for organic electronics We've re-designed the probe station for the world of organic electronics where delicate coatings require low-force, reliable contacts.

Ideal for high precision low-current measurement The double ground plane helps to isolate the board from external noise and the intelligent design of the boards wire tracks reduces noise, leakage current and stray capacitance.

Great substrate contact The gold-coated spring-loaded probes provide a constant pressure to the substrate reducing or eliminating the 'destructive testing' often caused by the electro-mechanical contacts from standard probes.

Easy alignment By pre-aligning the probes and substrate we significantly reduce the time and difficulty of aligning the system. Our current range of interchangeable probes works for our low density and high density OFET system. We also offer a four point probe for conductivity and custom probes are also available for most applications.

Precision Alignment The use of high quality optomechanical components with 1 µm readability micrometers (10 µm repeatability) allows accurate positioning of the probes.

Small form factor Small is beautiful as they say and we've designed our probe station to be as compact and easy to use as possible. It's specifically designed for transfer into glove boxes through the small anti chamber, where movement and dexterity are impaired.

Standard connectors The use of standardised BNC connectors makes it easy to connect to a wide range of test equipment and minimises the cost and complexity of inter-series adapters.



Dimensions 175 x 125 x 105 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 1.9 kg
X & Y travel 25 mm
Z travel 5 mm


Probe heads

The system comes with three probe heads, detailed in the table below.

Probe Head HD OFET LD OFET 4-point probe
High density two-point probe head


High density two point probe technical drawing
Probe station: low density two-point probe head


Low density probe: technical illustration
Probe station: four-point probe head


Four-point probe: technical illustration
Tip spacing 2.54 mm 18 mm 1.27 mm
Substrate Ossila Prefabricated OFET Test Chips (High Density) Ossila Prefabricated OFET Test Chips (Low Density) Various
Configuration Pre-aligned source-drain probes with easy back-gate contact Four probes in line with exterior pair for current drive and interior pair for voltage measurement
Connections Twin BNC connectors for gate and drain with combined earth for source
Probe coating 20 µm Gold coated nickel
Probe tip diameter 1.07 mm
Contact force 60 g


To the best of our knowledge the technical information provided here is accurate. However, Ossila assume no liability for the accuracy of this information. The values provided here are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch.


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