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Product Code L2006A1-UK
Price £2,400 ex. VAT

Precision Dip Coating for High Quality Thin Films

Easily achieve a range of coating thicknesses with our user-friendly system

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With high performance specifications and simple-to-use integrated software, the Ossila Dip Coater gives you the tools to coat high quality films at an affordable price. Our dip coater uses a high precision stage and motor to consistently produce and reproduce high quality films with ease.

The integrated software makes it easy to set up and allows you to choose between manual or automatic operation. Set the immersion and withdrawal properties independently to create both constant and variable film thicknesses. You can save 10 different programmes, each of which can store up to 20 routines, to coat multiple substrates without needing to reconfigure the device each time.

Designed by experienced material scientists, the Ossila Dip Coater improves workflow in the lab with a quick-release clamp and magnetic ruler attachment.

Wide range of dip coating speeds

Wide Range of Speeds

Achieve a range of coating thicknesses

Integrated dip coater software

Integrated Software

No PC required

Precise dip coater motion

Precision Motion

High degree of accuracy and reproducibility

Stable build

Sturdy, Non-Slip Design

Rubber feet keep the dip coater stable

Compact dip coater design

Compact Size

Built to fit in any lab

Smooth dip coating motion

Smooth Motion

Produce high quality coatings

Easy to use dip coater

Easy to Use

User-friendly control panel

Two-year dip coater warranty

Two-Year Warranty

Covered by the Ossila Warranty


Minimum Withdrawal Rate 0.01 mm.s-1
Maximum Withdrawal Rate 50 mm s-1
Rate Reproducibility ±0.01% @ 1mms-1 ; ± 0.1% @ 10 mm.s-1 ; ± 0.3% @ 50 mm.s-1
Maximum Travel Distance 100 mm
Maximum Number of Cycles 1000 cycles
Maximum Timer Duration 99:59:59 (HH:MM:SS)
Integrated Software Features

Variable withdrawal speed

Repeat cycles

Crash detection

Programmes 20
Power Supply DC 24 V
Product Dimensions (W x H x D) 200 mm x 350 mm (450 mm fully extended) x 300 mm (7.87" x 13.78" x 11.81")
Weight 5.15 kg

Dip Coater Features

High precision dip coating motor

High Precision Motor

We have developed a motor with a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility for a smooth motion profile. You can be sure that each time you coat your sample, you will get the same results every time.

Wide range of coating speeds

Wide Range of Speeds

Our dip coater can withdraw a substrate from solution at varying rates, from as low as 0.01mm/s to as high as 50mm/s. Customize your films to fit your required coating thicknesses using one dip coating system.

Variable dip coating withdrawal speeds

Variable Withdrawal

For high quality gradient films, the speed of withdrawal can be varied across the substrate length. Customize your film charactistics and produce films suitable for a wide range of research applications.

Dip coater safety mechanism

In-Built Safety

The crash detection system can detect when the substrate or arm crashes into the base of the coater or a beaker. To reduce the chance of damaging your samples or equipment, the motor stops automatically.

Easy sample loading

Quick-Release Clamp

Our quick release clamp design lets you quickly load and unload samples onto the dip coater arm. Streamline your experimental process with a system that tackles workflow issues.

The Ossila Dip Coater
Gradient coating with Ossila Dip Coater

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