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High Accuracy Microbalances for Precision Weighing

Microbalance with multiple measurement modes for a range of research needs

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With high precision electromagnetic sensors, an Ossila Microbalance is essential in experiments requiring precise stoichiometry. Measure small quantities with a high weight resolution of 10 µg up to 31 g and 0.1 mg resolution at higher weights. Choose between a maximum weight capacity of 110 g or 210 g and select internal calibration or external calibration to suit your research needs.

Our microbalances feature a wide range of measurement options including multiple weight units (mg, g, lb, oz, and ct), part counting, and density. Plus with data output via RS232 interface enables data logging or direct connection to a printer. All of this is controlled using a simple-to-use interface.

Fast microbalance stabilization

Fast Stabilization

Faster measurement of sample weights

Microbalance with high weight resolution

High Weight Resolution

Measure small sample weights with confidence

Multiple weighing modes

Multiple Measurements

Multiple modes for different research needs

Two-year warranty

Two-Year Warranty

Buy with confidence


Weight Capacity Up to 31 g Up to 110 g / 210 g
Weight Resolution 10 µg 1 mg
Repeatability ±0.05 mg ±0.1 mg
Linearity ±0.05 mg ±0.1 mg
Stabilization Time 15 s 2.5 s


Warm-up Time 30 – 60 minutes
Pan Size ⌀ 90mm
Power 12V DC, 2.0 A
Power Supply Input Voltage Range 100 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA
Operating Temperature 10 °C – 30 °C (50°F – 86°F)
Operating Humidity Up to 85% RH (non-condensing)
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D) 305mm x 295 mm x 475 mm (12" x 11.6" x 18.7")

Microbalance Features

Precision weight sensor

High Precision Sensing

Our microbalances are equipped with high precision electromagnetic sensors. Offering superior accuracy and faster response time, you can weigh down to 10 µg with a response time of only 2.5 seconds. For weights above 31 g, achieve a weigth resolution of 0.1 mg.

Different maximum weights

Features Based on Your Needs

With different maximum weight capacities to choose from, you can select the weight ranges required in your research processes. In addition, you can also choose between scales with internal or external calibration, so you can prioritize the features you need.

Microbalance measurement modes

Multiple Measuring Modes

The integrated software allows you to select a wide variety of weighing modes. With an Ossila Microbalance, you can choose the measurement units that best suits your research and perform a range of measurements, including part counting, percentage determinations, density measurements, and weight checking.

Printer and PC connectivity

RS232 Connectivity

The microbalance can easily be connected to a computer or printer via RS232. The baud rate of the data can be adjusted based upon the connected equipment and data can be output automatically, as a continuous stream, on demand, or via remote command.

Microbalance certification

In-House Certification

Each microbalance includes a test certificate, giving you the knowledge that the values you are measuring are accurate. We measure the performance of the scales over the full range using traceable class E1 weights ranging from 1 mg to 100 g.

Cleaning the microbalance Microbalance draft shield Microbalance weight Microbalance top cover Microbalance scale

In the Box

  • Microbalance
  • Detachable control unit
  • Weighing pan
  • Draft guard
  • Power supply (12V, 2.0A)

Resources and Support

Analytical Balance Calibration Calibration of Analytical Balances and Microbalances

Find out more information on the equipment and methods used in calibration.

Analytical Balance Maintenance Balance Maintenance Tips

Find out how to best maintain your microbalances and analytical balances, and what the typical daily, weekly, and monthly maintentnace routines that are recommended.

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