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Monomers are small molecules which are capable of chemically bonding to form polymers. They serve as fundamental building blocks for the creation of various polymeric materials.

Features and Properties

  • Monomers can be mono functional, containing one reactive site, or multi functional, containing two or more reactive sites. The reactive sites facilitate the attachment of side chains or additives to optimise film morphology, interfacial properties, and device performance.
  • Monomers with Π-conjugation along the backbone promote the delocalisation of electrons and enhance electrical conductivity.
  • Selecting different monomers can influence the molar extinction coefficient and band gap of the polymer.
  • Monomers with suitable electron affinity and ionisation potential facilitate efficient charge separation and transport within the polymer matrix.
  • In addition to use in solar cells, monomers find application in the areas of additive manufacturing, drug delivery, and adhesives.

By carefully selecting monomers, you can design and synthesize organic tailored polymers, leading to improvements in efficiency, stability, and overall performance.

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