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Product Code T2003B3-G2009A1
Price £3,500 ex. VAT

A Complete System to Perform Solar Cell Characterization

Solar cell I-V test system and solar simulator, available at a discounted price

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The Ossila Solar Cell Testing Kit includes both a source measure unit and an LED-based solar simulator. It is an all-in-one solution for the rapid characterization of solar cells fabricated. We have designed the I-V test system and solar simulator to work seamlessly together and tested their performance against other solutions. With our solar cell testing kit, you can be confident that reliable device metrics are only a few clicks away.

The kit comes with either the manual I-V test system or automated I-V test system and is compatible with our 20 mm x 15 mm and 25 mm x 25 mm substrate designs.

The manual system comes with the solar simulator head, adjustable z-stage and optical breadboard, our dual-output source measure unit (Solar Cell I-V software included) and electrical test board, and all the required connection and power cables. This system offers maximum flexibility as it allows you to use the source measure unit and solar simulator independently as well as together.

The automated system is assembled with the solar simulator head mounted directly to our automated solar cell I-V test system. This system provides the quickest and easiest way to characterize your devices thanks to the software-controlled automatic switching of pixels under test in each device.

Two-Year Warranty

Two-Year Warranty

Buy with confidence

Compact solar cell testing kit


Designed for space-constrained environments

LED lamp in solar cell testing kit

LED Lamp

High efficiency, Long operating lifetime

Easy to maintain

Zero Maintenance

No high maintenance fee

Solar Simulator Specifications

Type LED-based, steady-state
Spectral Deviation <70%
Spectral Coverage >80%
Working Distance (cm) 8.5 cm
Irradiance (at Working Distance) 1000 W/m2
Maximum Lamp Time 10000 hours
Dimensions (Head Only), L x W x H 10.5 cm x 9.0 cm x 8.0 cm
Weight 600 g

Solar Cell I-V Test System Specifications

Voltage Source

Range Accuracy Precision Resolution
± 10 V 10 mV 333 µV 170 µV

Voltage Measure

Range Accuracy Precision Resolution
± 10V 10 mV 50 µV 10 µV

Current Measure

Range Accuracy Precision Resolution Burden
± 200 mA ± 500 µA 10 µA 1 µA <20 mV
± 20 mA ± 10 µA 1 µA 100 nA <20 mV
± 2 mA ± 1 µA 100 nA 10 nA <20 mV
± 200 µA ± 100 nA 10 nA 1 nA <20 mV
± 20 µA ± 10 nA 1 nA 0.1nA <20 mV

Solar Cell Testing Kit Features

Integrated system

Integrated system

Everything needed for photovoltaic characterization in a complete package, designed to run together seamlessly. This simplifies set up and operation and reduces costs.

Complete Control

Complete Control

The fully programmable SMU (manual system only) and controllable power levels of the solar simulator make for unlimited experimental options. Use our easy-to-use software for rapid results or take control and design your own experiments.

Multiple Measurement Modes

Multiple Measurement Modes

Perform I-V sweeps to find key device performance metrics, run lifetime measurements for degradation studies or use as a soaking system to precondition cells. Our Solar Cell I-V software gives you the choice.


Compact Design

We have designed both our Solar Cell I-V Test System and Solar Simulator to be as compact as possible, making them suitable for use in the most space-constrained environments.

Unbeatable Value

Unbeatable Value

The Ossila Solar Cell Testing Kit offers unbeatable value. Available for less than the two systems can be bought for separately, and less than many other comparable options on the market. Order yours today.

Solar Cell Testing Kit Light Source Automated Ossila Solar Cell Testing Kit set up

Ossila Solar Cell Testing Kit Automated Solar Cell Testing Kit set up Ossila Automated Solar Cell Testing Kit


Solar Cell I-V Test System

The current-voltage measurement is controlled using intuitive and user-friendly PC software. All of the measurements can be fully customized, allowing you to tailor the software to your experiment.

Solar Cell I-V Software
Rapid device characterization with the Ossila Solar Cell I-V software

With the PC software, you can:

  1. Perform current-voltage measurements anywhere between -10 V and 10 V.
  2. Take high resolution measurements, with voltage increments as low as 170 µV.
  3. Manage the experiment more directly, with custom settle times between applying voltage and measuring current.
  4. Measure device hysteresis by perform consecutive measurements in forwards and backward directions.

Solar Simulator

The Ossila Solar Simulator Console enables you to control and customize the output of the Ossila Solar Simulator. You can choose the overall power level or control each LED in the Solar Simulator individually to tailor the output to your specific requirements.

Solar Simulator Console software
Solar Simulator Console software

In the Box

Automated Solar Cell Testing Kit

  • LED solar simulator lamp
  • Automated solar cell IV test system
  • Fixed bracket for integrating system
  • Test board

Manual Solar Cell Testing Kit

  • LED solar simulator lamp
  • Source measure unit (manual IV test system)
  • Test board

Accessories and Related Products

Resources and Support

Analyzing and Improving Low Device Metrics: FF, VOC and JSC Analyzing and Improving Low Device Metrics: FF, VOC and JSC

Anaylzing key device metrics such as fill factor (FF), open-circuit voltage (VOC), and power conversion efficiency (PCE), can help you find potential issues with your solar cell devices

Automated solar cell testing kit How to Assemble the Automated Solar Cell Testing Kit

The automated Ossila Solar Cell Testing Kit allows you to set up your solar cell testing lab quickly and easily. The system is designed to be easy to use and effortless to assemble.

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