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High Precision Linear Stages

Our high precision linear stages are engineered to deliver precise and repeatable positioning control. With minimal backlash and exceptional accuracy, you can achieve the exact positioning you require.

Indispensable for any application that requires minute incremental adjustments, they are vital in applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, optics, and scientific research.

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All High Precision Linear Stages

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High Precision Features

The integrated motion controller means no external hardware is needed. For ultimate flexibility, you can choose between the integrated rotary encoder or our free software via USB. Easily integrate your new linear stage with your existing lab set up and get moving straight away.

Built with high quality materials, our linear stages are durable and robust. The heavy-duty ball screw and dual linear rail allows you to move up to 30 kg horizontal loads.

Precise linear motion with C5 ball screws

Exceptional Accuracy

With a C5 ball screw, employ highly accurate and precise motion in your research processes.

Reduce movement errors with high precision linear stages

Minimize Error

Reduce error values for an array of reversal and positioning motion when compared to standard precision stages.

Guarantee improved repeatability

Improve Repeatability

When compared with our standard C7 ball screw, benefit from superior motion and positioning repeatability.

Resources and Support

Close up of Ossila linear stage platform Do You Need a Linear Stage?

Whether you are involved in microscopy, spectroscopy, or metrology, a linear stage can be an invaluable tool. The decision to invest in a linear stage depends on the specific requirements of your application.

An Ossila linear stage How to Choose a Linear Stage

Based on your research needs, there are key factors to consider when selecting a linear stage.

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