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Join Ossila Writers

Ossila Writers

Get paid to write scientific content and news posts

As part of our aim of accelerating scientific discovery, we publish application notes and guides on the materials and equipment that we sell. These are written by a range of people, including the engineers who develop our equipment, PhD students working in new and exciting research fields, and experienced postdoctoral researchers and professors. If you are a PhD student that has a passion for scientific communication and some expertise to share, join Ossila Writers today and help provide free and open access to scientific information. We are seeking students with backgrounds in either biology, chemistry, physics or engineering.

To be considered you must

  • Be a masters student, PhD candidate or have a PhD. 
  • Be part of a respected institution. 
  • Focus on topics relevant to Ossila. 

Ossila Writers make it easier for others like yourself to keep up to date with the world of science by writing short but insightful blog posts about recent developments in their area of interest that are related to Ossila's mission. Each blog posts should also mention one Ossila product that could be used in the project or experiment.

Possible topics to write about:

  • Summary of a paper you found interesting.
  • Relevant part of your research.
  • How did you solve a specific issue?

If accepted, we will provide you with a style guide to follow and will give you some basic tips on how to write engaging content for the web. As well as getting paid £25 per 100 words published, you will also receive writing credit on each post you write.

Benefits of the Ossila Writers Scheme:

  1. Mentorship: You will receive guidance and mentorship from industry professionals, honing your writing skills and developing deep understanding of scientific concepts.
  2. Exposure: Your work will be featured on Ossila’s website and social media, reaching a global audience and establishing your presence as a science writer.
  3. Networking: You’ll have the opportunity to connect with renowned scientists, researchers, and fellow writers, expanding your professional network and fostering collaborations.
  4. Career development: The scheme aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to pursue a successful career in science communication or related fields.

Before you apply, make sure you are comfortable writing content that meets the following criteria:

  • Concise, readable, and easily understood by an undergraduate student
  • Contains considerable detail and insight into the area or method in question
  • Provides information that is of genuine interest to the scientific community
  • Does not contain grammar, punctuation or spelling errors
  • Is unique and not published elsewhere in either the same words or form

Apply to Join

To apply to join, email with a brief introduction about yourself and the topic you want to write about. If we’re impressed with your application, we’ll get in touch with you over email to arrange a short call, during which we will ask you some questions about your expertise and research interests.

We can't wait to hear from you!

We do not publish press releases or articles written on behalf of commercial entities or provide external links to contributors, so please do not contact us for requests of this nature. Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to any such requests.

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