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Product Code L2008A1-UK
Price £2,500 ex. VAT

Vertical Laminar Flow Hood for Consistent Air Flow

A clean and sterile environment, perfect for conducting sensitive experiments with ease and comfort

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The Ossila Vertical Laminar Flow Hood provides a simple-to-use, sterile working environment. Ideal for samples that are easily disturbed, like powders, the high purity vertical air flow reduces material cross contamination.

Built to accommodate bulky equipment, such as a spin coater or a UV ozone cleaner, it is suitable for a wide range of sensitive experiments. The interchangeable design lets you switch between horizontal and vertical setups. This flexibility ensures you have the best configuration for your working requirements.

Unlike other models, our laminar flow hoods come fully equipped with a pre-filter and HEPA filter, sensors, control electronics, and tray. Plus, the built-in UV lights provide an extra level of sterilization

Vertical laminar flow hood for uniform air flow

Uniform Air Flow

510 m3hour-1

Easy to use vertical laminar flow hood

Easy to use

User friendly design

The vertical laminar flow hood is affordable to run

Low Operating Costs

Low-energy features

Two-Year Warranty

Two-Year Warranty

Buy with confidence

Choose between the vertical or horizontal configuration


Switch between a vertical or horizontal setup

Enviromental sensors for a sterile workspace

Environmental Sensors

Continuous air quality management

UV light in the vertical laminar flow hood

UV Lighting

Guarantee a sterile workspace

Differential pressure sensors

Pressure Sensors

Maintain laminar flow in the right direction

The Ossila Vertical Laminar Flow Hood comes flat-packed and is also configurable as a horizontal laminar flow hood depending on your preference and requirements.


Air Flow 510 m3.hour-1
Air Speed 0.4 ms-1
Motor Noise 75 dB
Working Area 590 mm x 630 mm (23.2" x 24.8")
Orientation Vertical
Air Cleanliness ISO Class 5
Filters HEPA (H14)
Particle Sensing LSAPC Sensor
Lighting White 'Daylight' LED
UV Cleaning 280 nm LED
Environment Sensors Temperature
Pressure Sensing Digital Differential Pressure Sensor

Vertical Laminar Flow Hood Features

Laminar Flow Hood filter

High Purity Air

The H13 grade HEPA filters capture over 99.99% of all airborne particulates. High air purity is easily achieved and maintained, with ISO classifications as low as ISO Class 5, using our smart air sensing technology.

Laminar Flow Hood screenshot

Low Operating Costs

Equipped with low energy lighting, infrared motion sensors for running in standby mode, UV LED with variable timer settings, and back pressure sensing to monitor HEPA filter saturation. Together, these features keep energy usage to a minimum and reduce operating costs.

Laminar Flow Hood sensors

Smart Air Sensing Technology

A range of sensors monitor air quality and pressure to provide live updates about the environment and filter saturation. The smart technology allows the motor to operate at an optimal speed, alert you to upcoming filter changes, and warn you if the air flow changes.

Horizontal orientation of the Ossila Laminar Flow Hood

Fully Equipped

Unlike other manufacturers, our vertical laminar flow hood is offered with all the useful components as standard. The price you see is the price you pay for a fully operational laminar flow hood. There are no hidden costs or charges before you have a working system.

Vertical Flow hood Lights
Vertical Flow hood Filter
Vertical Flow hood
Vertical Laminar Flow Hood Screen
Vertical Laminar Flow Hood
Thin films made inside and outside a laminar flow hood
Unfiltered solution spin coated inside and outside the vertical laminar flow hood.

In the Box

  • Flat-pack laminar flow hood with interchangeable configuration
  • HEPA filter
  • Pre-filter
  • Stainless steel tray

Accessories and Related Products

Resources and Support

Why Choose a Vertical Laminar Flow Hood?

Improved User Protection and Comfort

The air flow within the vertical laminar flow hood is directed towards the floor of the workspace, not the user. This is particularly useful if you are working with substances, such as powders, which can cause irritation.

Accommodates Bulky Equipment

The vertical air flow also enables you to work with larger equipment without interrupting the stability of the laminar flow. This orientation allows maximum adaptability to your experiments without compromising the clean air environment.

Low Levels of Cross Contamination

In the horizontal orientation, contaminants are swept across the work surface, risking contamination of your other samples. Yet in the vertical orientation, contaminating particles are partially trapped at the workspace floor, reducing material cross contamination.

How to Assemble the Vertical Laminar Flow Hood

Our laminar flow hoods arrive flat-packed. This gives you the flexibility to set up your unit in either a vertical or a horizontal configuration, and switch between them if needed.

Assembling your laminar flow hood in the vertical configuration is easy and can be achieved in six main steps.

Learn more...
Vertical Laminar Flow Hood schematic Vertical vs Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood

The difference between a vertical and horizontal laminar flow hood is the direction of air flow through the workspace.

Ossila Laminar Flow Hood control panelGetting Started with the Laminar Flow Hood

This short video guide shows you how to get started with your new equipment. It is easy to control the fan, lighting, and internal UV light.

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