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The spin coater comes with one complimentary spin coater chuck. Please indicate which of our range of stock spin coater chucks you would like when placing your order. 

We can also provide you with custom-milled chucks to fit your own substrate system (custom chucks are £50 extra with the purchase of a spin coater). Please contact us to discuss options

Spin-coating made easy: the Ossila Personal Spin Coater offers the ideal solution for a busy lab where space is at a premium. It does not require a vacuum pump or nitrogen line, and offers better film quality - making it the ultimate plug-and-play spin coater. Its compact size and reduced need for servicing means you can optimise space in the glovebox or on the bench without compromising on functionality.

Spin Coaters are built in-house to order with lead times of 2 to 3 weeks.

We have produced a Spin Coating Guide to provide you with helpful information on spin coating theory and techniques for thin film and organic electronics and nanotechnology. You can read the guide online or download it as a PDF or eBook at no cost.


Datasheet - Spin Coater

Spin Coater - Ossila vacuum free Spin Coater
The Spin Coater - redesigned to reduce substrate warping, improve film quality and eliminate the service requirements necessary with vacuum/nitrogen lines.


The key to this innovation is the redesigned spin coater chuck which holds the substrate in a recess without the need for a vacuum. By providing multiple chuck options for most standard sized substrates and also mounting plates for small/odd shaped substrates, the new spin coater provides all of the advantages of spin coating with less of the hassle.

Thin film warping caused by Spin Coater vacuum
Vacuum Spin Coaters can affect film uniformity. This reduces the quality and performance of devices. Using a vacuum-free Spin Coater gives a even film distribution.


Spin Coater Chuck
Ossila Spin Coater Chucks hold substrates without vacuum, ensuring substrates are secure, without being damaged. Custom Spin Coater Chucks can be ordered to fit substrates of any shape.


Spin Coater spirit level
Our Spin Coater has an inbuilt spirit level to ensure even coverage.


Spin Coater Features

Compact size - Cleanroom and glovebox space is always at a premium so we've designed our Spin Coater to be as small as possible.

Easy to install - No services required (no vacuum pumps, nitrogen or compressed air lines required) - just plug in power and play - especially useful in glove-boxes and fume hoods.

Fully programmable - Spin speeds range from 120 to 6000 rpm to cover a range of different spin coating conditions from slow dry crystallisation to very thin films.

Better film quality - Not having a vacuum means no substrate warping and improving the uniformity of films, which is a critical matter when spin coating thin substrates such as 0.7 mm, 0.55 mm, 0.2 mm and below. Plus, the Spin Coater has a small spirit level embedded in the bowl surround to ensure spinning is conducted on perfectly flat a surface for more even substrate coverage and film uniformity.

Low-cost and low-maintenance - With only two moving parts, the motor and the lid, there is less to go wrong. With no vacuum or nitrogen lines needed, maintenance costs are low -  no more servicing the pumps or cleaning out shaft bearings. With reduced costs and maintenance, every lab can afford an Ossila Spin Coater. 

Solvent-safe - The solvent-safe polypropylene insert with FEP display/keypad coatings are built to withstand tough conditions and are designed to keep all solvents away from the motor shaft.

Robust and reliable - The robust steel casing of our Spin Coater ensures that it is highly durable and suitable to be moved from lab to lab without the risk of damaging it.

Safety - The spin coater is powered from a 24 V mains adapter (included) so you don't require a high voltage near your safety cabinets. The hard-wired interlock combined with the programmed software prevents spinning when the lid is open.


Spin Coater features
Spin Coater features


Spin Coater keypad
Solvent Safe - The intuitive Spin Coater keypad is covered in a protective FEP film, and the glass lid and polypropylene bowl and surrounding are also solvent-resistant.


Video - demonstrating the spin coating of small and odd-shaped substrates that are often difficult to coat using a standard spin coater.


A common difficulty (and frequently asked question) when working with flexible substrates is how to spin coat them for reference devices. This is difficult to achieve using normal spin coaters as the vacuum warps the substrate and creates an uneven film. However, this video demonstrates the use of the Ossila spin coater with flexible PET substrates used to produce flexible OLEDs or photovoltaics at maximum RPM - without any issues using the vacuum-free chuck.

Video - Spin Coater working with flexible substrates; the substrate does not slip or fly off the chuck, even at very high speeds.

Getting started with spin coating

Spin coating is often used as the starting point and reference for many thin-film processes - even if they will eventually get mass-produced using printing-based techniques. Start spin coating devices in your lab: read our spin coating guidecontact our spin coating experts or buy the spin coater featured here.



Programs 100 programs with up to 100 steps each
Speed stability <2%
Speed 120 rpm to 6000 rpm
Timer 1 sec - 999 sec
Power supply DC 24 V, 2 A, via 100-240v 50/60Hz power adapter
Interlock Software/hardware lid interlock
Dimensions 210 mm x 250 mm x 120 mm
Material Central PP unit, robust steel casing and glass lid


Spin Coater Guide and Support

As with all our products we want to make sure that the Spin Coater is as useful to you as it is to us. We use it in our own R&D labs with a range of organics, inorganics, photoresists, metal oxides and more. We have lots of experience and are happy to share our spin coating tips and tricks, simply contact us at the Ossila office.

F8BT chemical structure poly(dioctyl-fluorene-alt-benzothiadiazole) Spin coated PCBM film Spin coated P3HT film
Various materials we have deposited with our vacuum free Spin Coater (from left to right): F8BT, PCBM, and P3HT thin films.


We've also put together our Spin Coating Guide which provides details on everything from special spin coating requirements for organic electronics and nanotechnology to dispense techniques, spin cleaning and more. The guide includes graphs, diagrams and videos demonstrating various spin coating techniques.


Read Our Spin Coating Guide

For further technical information our Spin Coater User Manual is available to download or contact our technical team.  For custom or extra Spin Coater chucks please visit our Spin Coater Chuck page. 


To the best of our knowledge the technical information provided here is accurate. However, Ossila assume no liability for the accuracy of this information. The values provided here are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch.