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How to use the Spin Coater Syringe Adapter

Demonstration of using the Ossila Spin Coater Syringe Adapter

Instructions for using the Syringe Pump with the Spin Coater:

For more information on using the Ossila Spin Coater and Syringe Pump, see Spin Coating Kit.

Syringe Pumps and Accessories

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Model available from £1900

Resources and Support

Spin Coating: Complete Guide to Theory and Techniques Spin Coating: Complete Guide to Theory and Techniques

Spin coating is a common technique for applying thin films to substrates. When a solution of a material and a solvent is spun at high speeds, the centripetal force and the surface tension of the liquid together create an even covering.

Solution-Processing Techniques: A Comparison Solution-Processing Techniques: A Comparison

When it comes to depositing highly-uniform wet thin films, there are many different solution-processing techniques capable of producing high-quality films at low cost.

Perovskites and Perovskite Solar Cells - An Introduction Perovskites and Perovskite Solar Cells - An Introduction

The rapid improvement of perovskite solar cells has made them the rising star of the photovoltaics world and of huge interest to the academic community.

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Wet thin film coating techniques use a liquid precursor to coat a material evenly across the surface of a substrate by first forming a near-atomically thin wet film. Compared to other deposition methods, wet thin film coating is inexpensive and produces high quality films with relative ease.

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