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How to use the Spin Coater Syringe Adapter

Spin coating is one of the most popular techniques for creating thin-films. The method is quick, accurate, and easy to control. A spin coater like the Ossila Spin Coater allows you to control the spin speed and save recipes with up to 50 steps, and therefore allows you to create films of various thicknesses. However, without a syringe pump, the solution must be manually dispensed (typically by using a pipette) and it is therefore difficult to control the rate, volume, and timing with which the solution is applied to the substrate. This makes it difficult to accurately reproduce a given experiment. In addition, a number of advanced spin coating techniques require set volumes of multiple different solutions to be added at controlled rates, at different times during the process.

The new adapter for the Ossila Spin Coater allows up to four separate streams of solution into the Spin Coater through the provided tubing, along with a hole for standard coating through the centre. By combining the syringe pump and spin coater, complex multi-step processes can be easily carried out with a high level of repeatability.

Instructions for using an Ossila syringe pump with the Ossila Spin Coater:

Spin Coating Kit

  • Controllable Dispense Rates
  • Accurate Timing
  • Unbeatable Value

Available From £3,900

Resources and Support

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Spin coating is a common technique for applying thin films to substrates. When a solution of a material and a solvent is spun at high speeds, the centripetal force and the surface tension of the liquid together create an even covering.

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Wet thin film coating techniques use a liquid precursor to coat a material evenly across the surface of a substrate by first forming a near-atomically thin wet film. Compared to other deposition methods, wet thin film coating is inexpensive and produces high quality films with relative ease.

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