Disposable Syringes (Luer Lock)

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Ossila offer a range of disposable solvent-resistant Luer lock syringes for solution preparation and filtration. All our syringes are two-part syringes, made solely from virgin-grade polypropylene. This means that unlike most syringes, our range of syringes form a tight seal without needing a rubber plunger. This is important when working with solutions that are incompatible with rubber seals (e.g. acids and chlorinated solvents). Therefore, a syringe made purely of polypropylene is essential for compatibility with a wide range of materials science applications. In addition, all our syringes come with Luer lock attachments (1ml Luer slip only), allowing for the secure addition of needles and filters.

Our solvent-resistant disposable syringes are available in the sizes below:

Syringe Size Pack Size Material End Fitting Product Code
1 ml 100 PP Luer Slip C110
2 ml (3 ml) 100 PP Luer Lock C111
5 ml (6 ml) 100 PP Luer Lock C112
10 ml (12 ml) 100 PP Luer Lock C113
20 ml (24 ml) 100 PP Luer Lock C114
30 ml (35 ml) 50 PP Luer Lock C115
50 ml (60 ml) 30 PP Luer Lock C116


Further Information
In this video, an Ossila syringe filter is used with a C112 disposable syringe to filter PEDOT:PSS in preparation for spin coating onto a substrate.


To the best of our knowledge the technical information provided here is accurate. However, Ossila assume no liability for the accuracy of this information. The values provided here are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch.

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