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Product Code M2418A1-LT-100mg
Price $263 ex. VAT

Green Dopant Material with Boron-based Carbazoles

High purity sublimed thermally activated delayed fluorescent (TADF) emitter for highly efficient OLEDs

TPA-DCPP (CAS number 1803287-94-6), namely 7,10-bis(4-(diphenylamino)phenyl)-2,3-dicyanopyrazino-phenanthrene is a V-shaped molecule consisting of triphenylamine (TPA) as the donor and 2,3-dicyanopyrazino phenanthrene (DCPP) as the acceptor units.

TPA-DCPP undergoes thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) to emit in the deep red/near-IR region. Nondoped OLED with TPA-DCPP as active layer exhibits a maximum external quantum efficiency (EQE) of 2.1 %, whereas the doped device had an EQE of almost 10 %.

Enhaces external quantum efficiency of OLED

Enhaces external quantum efficiency of OLED

Increase from 2.1% to 10%

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Worldwide shipping

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High purity 1803287-94-6 sublimed material

High purity sublimed material


Unique molecular confirmation

Unique molecular confirmation

V- shape molecule

Sensor based on TPA-DCPP organic semiconductor onto Al2O3 substrate with Au interdigital electrodes exhibits favorable sensing response of 76.4 % and ppb-level detection ability under 98 % relative humidity, also exhibits good repeatability, selectivity, and 396 days of long-term stability to ammonia NH3.

General Information

CAS number 1803287-94-6
Chemical formula C54H34N6
Molecular weight 766.89 g/mol
Absorption* λmax 308, 458 nm (in film)
Fluorescence λem 810 nm (in DCM)
HOMO/LUMO HOMO = 5.3 eV, LUMO = 3.52 eV
Synonyms 7,10-Bis(4-(diphenylamino)phenyl)-2,3-dicyanopyrazino-phenanthrene
Classification / Family Triarylamine derivatives, Deep red dopant, TADF materials, Sublimed materials.

Product Details

Purity Sublimed* >99% (HPLC)
Melting point TGA: T≥ 508 oC (5% weight loss), Tg = 165 oC
Appearance Deep red crystals/powder

* Sublimation is a technique used to obtain ultra pure-grade chemicals, see sublimed materials for OLED devices.

Chemical Structure

tpa-dcpp - 1803287-94-6 - 7,10-bis(4-(diphenylamino)phenyl)-2,3-dicyanopyrazino-phenanthrene chemical structure
7,10-Bis(4-(diphenylamino)phenyl)-2,3-dicyanopyrazino-phenanthrene (TPA-DCPP) chemical structure, 1803287-94-6


Grade Product Code Quantity Price
Sublimed (>99% purity) M2418A1 100 mg £210
Sublimed (>99% purity) M2418A1 250 mg £420
Sublimed (>99% purity) M2418A1 500 mg £670
Sublimed (>99% purity) M2418A1 1 g £1080

MSDS Documentation

tpa-dcpp - 1803287-94-6 - 7,10-bis(4-(diphenylamino)phenyl)-2,3-dicyanopyrazino-phenanthreneTPA-DCPP MSDS Sheet

Literature and Reviews

  1. Highly Efficient Near-Infrared Delayed Fluorescence Organic Light Emitting Diodes Using a Phenanthrene-Based Charge-Transfer Compound, S. Wang et al., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 54, 1–6 (2015); DOI: 10.1002/anie.201506687.
  2. The recombination zone adjusted by the gradient doping of TPA-DCPP for efficient and stable deep red organic light emitting diodes, Q. Zhang et al., RSC Adv., 11, 24436-24442 (2021); DOI: 10.1039/D1RA01567B.
  3. A TPA-DCPP organic semiconductor film-based room temperature NH3 sensor for insight into the sensing properties, J. He et al., Sens. Actuators B: Chem., 237, 128940 (2021); DOI: 10.1016/j.snb.2020.128940.
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