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Cuvette Holder

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Cuvette holder for optical transmission, absorption or fluorescence measurements

Suitable for use in free space or fiber coupled arrangement

Compatible with standard 10 mm path length cuvettes, the Ossila Spectroscopy cuvette holder is designed to hold cuvettes in position for optical transmission, absorption or fluorescence measurements with an Optical Spectometer. The cuvette holder includes two removable plugs at 90 degrees to the optical axis to allow for fluorescence excitation, and can be used with SMA optical fibers, or in a free space arrangement. It can also be bolted to a standard metric or imperial optical table or optical breadboard plate.

The Cuvette Holder is available at a discounted price when as part of the complete optical spectroscopy bundle. As well as the cuvette holder and an optical spectrometer, this includes an LED broadband white light source, UV light source, transmission holder, optical mirror (20 mm x 15 mm), breadboard plate, two optical fibers, and a soft rubber spectrometer case.


Body Material (Outer/Inner) Polyamide/Polypropylene
Maximum Cuvette Size 13 mm x 13 mm x 52 mm
Fibre Connection SMA 905

Complete Optical Spectroscopy Bundle

Complete Optical Spectroscopy Bundle
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The Ossila Cuvette holder open
Cuvette holder (shown open) can be set up in free space or fiber coupled arrangements and is compatible with 10 mm path length cuvettes
Side-access ports on the cuvette holder for fluorescence excitation
Side-access ports for fluorescence excitation

Optical Spectrometer

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