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Black Phosphorus

Black phosphorus was first synthesised in 1914 by Percy W Bridgman by heating white phosphorus at high pressures. It is the most stable known allotrope of phosphorus and consists of 2-dimensional layers of phosphorus, known as phosphorene.

Despite being largely overlooked for 100 years, the current boom in 2D materials research has resulted in black phosphorus gaining more attention. The individual phosphorene monolayers were first separated and studied in 2014, and research into the its unique properties and wide range of potential applications has been ongoing since. Within research, glove boxes are used to prevent degradation of its unique properties.

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Black Phosphorus Powder

Black Phosphorus Powder

Can be used for preparation of black phosphorus quantum dots, nano-platelets and thin films. Available in quantities of 250 mg, 500 mg, or 1 g with ≥99.995% purity.

From $400 ex. VAT
Black Phosphorus Crystal

Black Phosphorus Crystal

Can be used to produce single or few-layer phosphorene sheets via mechanical or liquid exfoliation. Small or bulk crystal quantities available with ≥99.999% purity.

From $600 ex. VAT

*Typical representative size, areas/dimensions may vary

Resources and Support

Black phosphorus crystals What is Black Phosphorus?

Black phosphorus is a crystalline allotrope of phosphorus. It is distinct from the more common white and red forms of phosphorous due to its unique structure and properties.

Black phosphorus crystals Black Phosphorus Uses and Applications

Due to the unique properties, exfoliated monolayer and few-layer black phosphorus have potential for a wide range of applications in electronics and optoelectronics.

Black phosphorus monolayer structure Black Phosphorus Structure

Black phosphorus has gained attention for its distinct structural properties when reduced to two-dimensional layers known as phosphorene.

Black phosphorus monolayer structure Black Phosphorus Properties

The optical, electronic, and mechanical properties of phosphorene differ from that of the bulk state due to combinations of factors.

Structures of phosphorus allotropes The Allotropes of Phosphorus

Depending on environmental conditions and how it is processed, elemental phosphorus can take several forms: white, red, black, and violet phosphorus.


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