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Product Code M2106C1-250mg
Price £320 ex. VAT

Low price, high purity black phosphorus powder

For the development of next-generation electronics, optoelectronics, and nanotechnology

High purity black phosphorus powder (CAS number 7723-14-0), in the form of needle or sheet-like small sized crystals, is prepared from chemical vapor distribution. With theoretical specific capacity being approximately seven times larger than that of graphite as a negative material for batteries, exfoliated black phosphorus powders or their composite materials can significantly improve the performance of energy storage devices.

Black phosphorus powder is generally used to prepare black phosphorus quantum-dots (BPQDs) and nano-platelets by liquid-exfoliation (assisted by sonication). As a result of its high purity, the powdered form can also be used in chemical vapour deposition to create high-quality, atomically thin films.

High purity ‎7723-14-0

High purity

High purity ≥99.995% black phosphorus powder

Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping

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Low Cost Black Phosphorus

Low Cost

Low cost Black Phosphorus

Versatile Black Phosphorus


Versatile use from Gas sensors to Next generation batteries

Technical Data

CAS Number 7723-14-0
Chemical Formula P
Molecular Weight 30.97 g/mol
Bandgap 0.3 eV ~ 1.5 eV
Synthesis Synthetic, by chemical vapour transport (CVT)
Structure Orthorhombic C
Electronic Properties 2D semiconductor
Melting Point 416 °C
Colour Black
Form Powder
Purity ≥99.995%

MSDS Documentation

Black phosphorus powder MSDSBlack phosphorus powder

Product Code Quantity Price
M2106C1-250mg 250 mg £320
M2106C1-500mg 500 mg £530
M2106C1-1g 1 g £950

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