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Product Code G2101A1
Price £65 ex. VAT

Dielectric Longpass and Shortpass Optical Filters

High performance filters for a range of spectroscopy measurements

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Optical filters from Ossila are available as longpass or shortpass in a range of wavelengths. The filters are perfect for isolating regions of the electromagnetic spectrum for fluorescence measurements, absorption measurements, and more.

Our filters have >90% transmission in the region of transmittance and are OD4 in the suppressed region (~0.01% transmission).

Each individual filter is housed in an outer ring to aid in handling and enhance the OD through prevention of scattering. The ring is labelled with the cut-on/off wavelength and whether the filter is long or shortpass.

You can also buy our optical filter set, which includes either the longpass filters, shortpass filters, or full range.


Dimension Ø25.0 mm
Thickness 4.0 mm
Optical Density 4
Optical Filter
Full optical filter range

Shortpass filters Longpass filter

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