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Optical Breadboard Plate

Product Code G2007A1
Price £120.00 ex. VAT

Low price aluminium optical breadboard plate

150 mm x 300 mm optical breadboard, compatible with most spectroscopy equipment

A solid anodized metric aluminium optical breadboard plate, compatible with our range of spectroscopy equipment including the Optical Spectrometer (with spectrometer case), transmission holder, cuvette holder, and broadband white light source.

Holes are M6 tapped on a 25 mm grid. The four corner holes are 6 mm untapped.

Ossila Optical Spectrometer bolted to an optical breadboard plate
Use the protective spectrometer case to bolt the Ossila Optical Spectrometer to the breadboard
Spectroscopy Transmission Holder
Spectroscopy equipment including the transmission holder and broadband white light source can be fixed the optical breadboard

Optical Spectrometer

  • Low Price
  • Wide Spectral Range
  • USB Powered

£950.00With Free Shipping


Length 300 mm
150 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Weight 950 g
Hole size M6
Hole spacing 25 mm
Optical breadboard plate dimensions
Optical breadboard plate dimensions

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