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Substrates and Fabrication

Quickly and easily fabricate and characterise thin-film devices for OPVs, OLEDs, OFETs/TFTs and sensors with our range of substrates and fabrication accessories. Popular products include our ITO glass substrates (such as our unpatterned ITO glass substrates or generation III 8 pixel ITO glass photovoltaic substrates), FTO glass substrates, silicon substrates, and the corresponding deposition masks. We have also designed a number of test chips and boards to take the hassle out of device testing; our electronic test boards have a simple push-fit design with connection pins that align perfectly with the contacts on our substrates.

Not sure what you need? Start by filtering by application. If you're looking to fabricate photovoltaics or OLEDs and are not already invested in one of our older systems, we recommend choosing the latest (generation III) 8-pixel design of substrates and masks. These allow you to create either eight small individual pixels or a single large pixel. Generation I and II are both 6-pixel designs and are provided primarily for legacy reasons.

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