PV and OLED Scale-Up Substrates (Pixelated & Modules Variants)

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25 X 75 mm ITO patterned glass substrate, available with either modules or pixelated design. Perfect for use in OPV and OLED research.

The Pixelated Substrate System and Mini-Module Substrate System are designed to enable affordable scale-up. Alongside the Scale-Up Substrate Evaporation Masks, the substrates allow for larger devices and investigation of large-scale manufacturing techniques. 

The Scale Up Pixelated OPV/OLED Patterned ITO Substrate


The Scale Up Modules OPV/OLED Patterned ITO Substrate


Size 25 mm x 75 mm
Thickness 1.1 mm
Glass type Polished soda lime, float glass
Substrate coating Fully oxidised ITO
ITO thickness 100 nm
ITO resistance 20 Ω/square
Glass roughness Less than 1 nm RMS (by AFM)
ITO roughness 1.8 nm RMS (by AFM)


Dimensionised Drawing of the Pixelated OPV/OLED Scale-up Substrate


Dimensionised Drawing of the Modules OPV/OLED Scale-up Substrate


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