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Gate Deposition Mask, Low Density

Substrates and Fabrication

Product Code E305-SPC
Price £260 ex. VAT

An evaporation mask for deposition of gate contacts. For use with the low density OFET system. A 100 μm standoff-spacer ensures that the mask does not touch the substrate while still enabling good deposition resolution.

Mask with direct contact (no spacer): For sputtering and other non-directional deposition systems, as well as for thermal deposition systems with oblique angles or a very short throw, we recommend the use of the direct contact mask to get well-defined edges.

Mask with 100 μm spacer: For normal thermal evaporation systems we recommend the use of masks with the 100 μm spacer to help avoid scratches and allow better out-gassing.


Size 75 mm x 75 mm
Width 1.7mm without spacer, 1.8mm with spacer (exc. bolts)
Material Stainless steel
Capacity 12 substrates
Low density OFET gate mask (technical drawing)
Dimensioned diagram of the low density OFET gate mask.


Low density OFET gate mask (dimensions)
Zoomed in dimensioned diagram of the low density OFET gate mask.
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