Photovoltaic Substrate Packs (8 Pixel)

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Ossila's Edgeless 8 Pixel Substrate Pack contains the substrate consumables necessary for creating and testing fully encapsulated LEDs and PVs for measurement under ambient conditions. It is designed to reduce edge ingress in order to improve device stability and maximise volume of statistical data.



Ossila substrate packs have been designed for complete ease of use in order for rapid fabrication and measurement of high quality, reliable LED and PV devices.

Our pre-patterned ITO substrates are manufactured from commercial grade ITO used in the flat panel display industry. This guarantees high consistency and very low defect rates in order to help you produce high quality devices.

Ossila Encapsulation Epoxy has been proven not to damage delicate polymers or reactive layers such as calcium.

For robust protection during manual handling and to prevent water and oxygen ingress, a glass encapsulation slide is used as the top layer. This enables storage and measurement of the devices under ambient conditions with only minimal edge ingress after several weeks.

Finally, our electrical connection legs enable simple connection with test equipment. They clip easily onto the sides of the substrate to make a reliable contact with the ITO, and are on a standard 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) pitch which makes them suitable for use in standard prototyping breadboards.

ITO photovoltaic substrate 3D exploded diagram (8 pixel)

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