Evaporation Stack for Low Density OFETs

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The evaporation stack holds the OFET source-drain shadow masks and substrates in close contact for thermal evaporation. This is crucial for effective device fabrication as the source-drain channel is usually the most critical feature on an OFET. For use with the Ossila low density OFET source-drain evaporation masks (sold separately).



The diagram below shows a deconstructed view of how the evaporation stack fits together. At the base of the system is the lower support which prevents the thin and flexible shadow masks from warping. The shadow masks are then placed on top of the lower support. Above this, the substrate support holds the substrates in alignment with the mask before a low strength magnetic sheet is placed on to pull the shadow mask in close contact with the substrates. Finally, the lid is used to bolt everything together into a mechanically stable system that can be mounted in a deposition system at any orientation.


Low density OFET evaporation stack (exploded diagram)



Holds the substrates and magnetic sheet in position.

Magnetic sheet
Makes sure that the shadow mask adheres to the substrate.

Up to twelve substrates per mask (sold separately).

Upper support
Holds and aligns the substrates in position above the shadow mask.

Shadow mask
Interchangeable OFET shadow mask with varying designs (sold separately).

Shadow mask support
Provides mechanical support to the thin and flexible shadow masks.

Lower support
Provides mechanical support to the entire stack.




Size 75 mm x 75 mm
Thickness 1 mm (exc. bolts)
Material Stainless steel
Capacity 12 substrates


Low density stack: shadow mask support (technical drawing)Low density stack: evaporation mask support (photo)
Left: Low density stack shadow mask support (technical drawing). Right: Photo of the low-density-stack evaporation mask support


Video guide

The follow video demonstrates how to put together the low density OFET evaporation stack using the low density OFET shadow mask and silicon substrates.


Please note that the shadow mask and the substrates featured in the video are used to demonstrate how the stack is used and are not included as part of it.


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