Encapsulation Coverslips for Photovoltaics and OLEDs

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Coverslips, also known as Encapsulation Glass Slides.

Available as part of our substrate pack or in sets of 100, the coverslip is part of the encapsulation system used with our OLED/OPV ITO patterned substrates. It provides robust protection for manual handling of a completed device and prevents direct oxygen/water ingress, allowing for storage and measurement under ambient conditions for several weeks (edge ingress will eventually occur).



Standard Substrate Size

Encapsulation glass slides
Standard size encapsulation coverslips.



Size 12 mm x 15 mm
Thickness 0.55 mm
Material Float glass




Size 17 mm x 75 mm
Thickness 0.55 mm
Material Float glass


The glass coverlips are designed to be used with our Encapsulation Epoxy (E131) to encapsulate completed LED/PV devices in order to prevent damage to the active pixels, as is demonstrated in the schematic below.

OLED substrate pack schematic (pixelated anode)
Scale up size encapsulation coverslips.


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