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Product Code P2008B1
Price £400 ex. VAT

Making testing and experimenting as easy as possible

Designed with experimental versatility in mind

A test board designed to work with our pixelated anode substrates (S101/S103) or edgeless 8 pixel substrates (S211/S213) in order to make testing and experimenting as easy as possible. The zero insertion force (ZIF) socket allows for easy attachment and removal of devices while the BNC socket makes connecting experimental apparatus simple. This product comes with our FREE 2-year warranty.


Designed for use with Ossila's edgeless 8 pixel substrate system (S211/S213) or pixelated anode substrate system (S101/S103), this test board allows for easy electrical connection and measurement.

The window in the centre allows for experiments where optical access is required from both sides. Meanwhile the M4, M6 and 1/4" mounting holes makes mounting on a variety of optical benches and other equipment quick and simple (insulating plastic M6 bolts included).

Used for a wide variety of experiments including:

  • Photovoltaic current-voltage (IV) sweeps
  • Photovoltaic external quantum efficiency measurements
  • Photovoltaic lifetime testing
  • OLED current-voltage-light (IVL) sweeps
  • OLED lifetime testing
OLED PV testboard Features
OLED and PV ZIF testboard features
  1. BNC socket for easy connection to test equipment
  2. Zero insertion force (ZIF) socket to easily connect and remove devices made using Ossila's standard substrates
  3. Window to allow optical access from both sides (for experiments such as pump-probe excitement with simultaneous electrical measurements)
  4. Switches for the individual pixels
  5. Oval bolt holes to accommodate either M6 bolts or 1/4" bolts for mounting on standard metric or imperial optical benches (insulating plastic M6 bolts included)
  6. Header pins for easy electrical access (great for initial tests/checks with a multimeter)
Testing an OLED using ZIF test board
OLED testing
Testing photovoltaic using ZIF test board
Photovoltaic testing under a solar simulator

Images/videos above show a previous version of the test board.

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