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Luminosyn™ Polymers

The Ossila Luminosyn™ range of high-purity, batch-specific polymer semiconductor materials has been put together to provide researchers with consistent materials to ensure reliability between experiments. Suitable for OLED, OFET, OPV and perovskite solar cell research applications, this range of materials undergoes extensive purification measures and is available with batch-specific GPC data.

  • High purity – Luminosyn™ materials undergo several days of Soxhlet extraction. Under inert atmospheric conditions, they are washed repeatedly with non-solvents and solvents. They undergo multiple precipitations to reduce oligomers, metal residues, and low molecular weight fractions.
  • Batch-specific GPC data – Unlike other suppliers who only provide a wide range of molecular weights, Luminosyn™ materials come with precise molecular weights for each batch. This allows you to better optimise and understand your experiments, and also provides a more reliable reference for those that follow your published procedures.
  • Larger batch orders – This makes it possible to conduct your research using materials from the same batch, giving you one less extraneous variable and the confidence that comes with having reliable data for comparison.
  • Higher molecular weight – To suit a variety of research needs, some Luminosyn™ polymers are available in higher molecular weights.

By using scale-up synthesis, we provide you access to larger batches of materials. This eliminates the inconsistency and inconvenience of obtaining different batches from different suppliers. At the same time, this lowers the cost of synthesis, allowing us to offer you highly competitive prices.

Headed by Ossila’s Senior Synthetic Organic Chemist, Dr. Hunan Yi, the origin of the Luminosyn™ range began in 2015 with the scale-up synthesis of two popular photovoltaic materials, PCDTBT and DPP-DTT.  Since then, we have extended the scale-up synthesis of polymer semiconductors to include higher-performance OPV materials such as PCE10 (PBDTTT-EFT), PCE11 (PffBT4T-2OD), and PCE12 (PBDB-T). We will continue to add more polymers to this range, including some of the most popular polymers already in our full range of polymers so look out for the Luminosyn™ name.

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