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Laboratory Supplies

Ossila is a leading supplier of lab equipment, chemicals, and supplies for materials science. Our mission is to pave the way to discovery by empowering the international scientific community with the tools they need to accelerate their research.

We offer a wide range of laboratory supplies to stock all sorts of research and commercial laboratories. Whether you are making thin films, analysing the optical properties of your samples, monitoring chemical reactions or making solutions, having an abundant and reliable source of laboratory consumables and supplies is vital.

Substrates and Fabrication

When it comes to the preparation of thin films, having a smooth uniform substrate is of the utmost importance. If your substrate is rough or uneven, even on the micro-scale, this can lead to defects or inconsistencies in your film. This could cause problems, for example, in your optoelectronic devices. We therefore provide you with everything you need to create a uniform film wherever possible. These include:

  • Glass substrates: Quartz-coated glass films are ultra-flat for smooth defect-free films, and have high transmission in both the visible and UV wavelengths, making them ideal for taking absorbance or PL measurements on thin films. Alternatively, our ITO-coated glass substrates have high conductivity whilst maintaining a smooth surface. These are perfect for use in optoelectronic devices such as solar cells or OLEDs.
  • Cleaning Materials: Our substrate racks to allow you to clean many substrates at once without them damaging one another and Hellmanex III is the gold standard surfactant for laboratory cleaning. These supplies are featured in our guide: How to Clean Substrates.
  • Post fabrication materials: We provide all the supplies you need to encapsulate air-sensitive devices. We have also written a guide on Solar Cell Encapsulation where we encapsulate a perovskite solar cell in a glove box.


Techniques such as cyclic voltammetry and electrolysis allow you to investigate electrochemical processes under various conditions. The Ossila Potentiostat enables you conduct many experiments like cyclic voltammetry, linear sweep voltammetry, open circuit potential, and controlled potential electrolysis. We also provide a varied range of electrochemical cells to be compatible with various solvents, temperature control measures (i.e. cells incorporating a water bath) or H-shape cells with replaceable membranes.


Optical spectroscopy is a non-destructive technique that can be used to measure the optical properties of materials, such as absorbance and fluorescence spectroscopy. An optical spectrometer is a powerful tool for conducting these measurements on a diverse range of samples.

One of the benefits of using a spectrometer is that you can customize the optical bench to your specific needs. For this reason, we have a variety of components that are compatible with the Ossila spectrometer, including light sources, sample holders for thin films and solutions and optical fibers. We also offer a Complete Optical Spectroscopy bundle. This gives you everything you need to start characterizing your samples immediately.

Solution Making

For any solution processing method, you must ensure that you have high quality solutions. This will require accurate and precise measurement of powders, solutions and solvents. It also means that all materials should be completely dissolved, and solutions should be filtering to remove contaminants. We therefore have the following range of equipment to help you prepare your solutions.

Equipment Accessories

General Lab Supplies

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