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Product Code C2012G1
Price £420 ex. VAT

100 ml glass electrochemical cell with built-in water bath

Control the temperature inside the electrochemical cell with separate inlets and outlets

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For electrochemical experiements and measurements that require temperature control, you need an electrochemical cell with a water bath. Our high quality class 100 ml electrochemical cells with built-in water bath feature three electrode feedthroughs and separate inlets and outlets for both gas (for degassing) and the water bath.

Part of our range of electrochemical cells and electrodes, our electrochemical cell with water bath can be used with the Ossila Potentiostat (or any other) for a range of applications. We also supply standard electrochemical cells, electrochemical cells with a luggin capillary, H-type electrochemical cells, and several different types of photoelectrochemical cell. Qualifying orders ship free as part of the Ossila Guarantee.

Note: Luggin capillary curved salt bridge tip may deteriorate in strong acid or basic electrolyte. Direct use of reference electrode without Luggin capillary is thus suggested in such conditions.

Electrochemical cell with water bath
Electrochemical cell with water bath
Electrochemical cell with water bath
Electrochemical cell with water bath


Electrochemical cell sealed with water bath, cell diagram
(1) Electrode feedthroughs, (2) gas inlet/outlet, (3) water bath inlet/outlet

Pricing and Options

Product Name Product Code Price
Electrochemical cell sealed with water bath C2012G1 £420

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