Cleanroom Swabs (substrate wiping)

Order Code: C201


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High-precision micro cleaning swabs for fine cleaning and standard swabs for general cleaning, made and packaged in a Class 10000 cleanroom. The head is thermally bonded to the body, avoiding the use of glue or solvents. This decreases the possibility of contamination and minimal particle shedding.


High-precision (C201) Standard (C202)
Body Clean room paper Clean room paper
Head Cotton Cotton
Type Double headed Double headed
Handle length 55 mm 50 mm
Handle thickness 1.5 mm 3.0 mm
Head width 3 mm (with pointed tip) 4 mm
Head length 12 mm 12 mm


Clean room cotton swab - precisionClean room cotton swab - standard
High Precision (left) and Standard (right) cleaning swabs.


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