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Solar Cell Prototyping Platform

The Ossila Solar Cell Prototyping Platform is a coherent collection of substrates, materials, and test equipment as part of a high-performance standard photovoltaic reference architecture. This platform enables researchers to produce high quality, fully-functional solar cells that can be used as a reliable baseline.

We understand how time-consuming it is to gain expertise over all the materials, processes, and techniques required to produce a high-quality device – and how despite your best efforts, it can sometimes lead to inconsistency and non-reproducibility of results. This platform has been developed with the aim of enabling you - the researchers & scientists - to focus on your research, rather than trying to design/source all of your own components and replicate a baseline of performance.

A significant benefit of the Solar Cell Prototyping Platform is the provision of pre-patterned ITO substrates and high-throughput processing equipment – making it possible for you to significantly increase your production rate for solar cell devices and collect more data in much less time. As such, more types of new materials or architecture variations can be tested and more statistical data can be collected - ensuring consistency and accuracy.

In late 2017, Ossila won a prestigious Business Innovation Award from the Institute of Physics for our work on this range of products. This award recognises outstanding innovation and application of physics in industry, and the successful implementation of physics into a product or service.

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