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General Information

Full name Poly[(9,9-bis(3'-(N,N-trimethylamino)propyl)-2,7-fluorene)-
alt-1,4-phenylene] diiodide
Synonyms PFN-FP iodide; PFN-B-I
Chemical formula (C31H40N2)nI2
CAS number 1026670-72-3
Classification/Family Conjugated polymers, Polymer electrolyte, Polyfluorenes, Electron interface layer materials, OLED, OPV, Perovskite materials, Water-soluble polymer materials
pfn-fp-i, pfn-fp-iodide
Chemical structure of PFN-FP-I, CAS No. 1026670-72-3, Chemical formula: (C31H40N2)nI2.


PFN-FP-I is a conjugated polymer electrolyte diiodide salt of PFN-FP. It is used either as an active layer material for blue OLEDs, or as an electron-interface layer material in organic electronic devices (including OLED, OPV and perovskite solar cells) to improve extraction efficiency. 

Due to its strong polar ionic pendant groups, PFN-FP-I is soluble in methanol and water.


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