Video: Guide to Making Efficient Air-Processed Perovskite Devices

This video provides a guide to making efficient air-processed perovskite devices.

This guide provides information on how to:

  • clean substrates
  • prepare and deposit a PEDOT:PSS hole transport layer
  • deposit our perovskite precursor ink I101 in air
  • anneal and wipe the perovskite layer
  • spin cast a PC70BM electron-transport layer
  • prepare substrates for a thermally-evaporated top contact
  • encapsulate the devices and measure

The structure of the finished device is:

ITO / PEDOT:PSS / CH3NH3PbI3-xClx / PC70BM / Ca / Al

Please note that humidity plays a key factor in the quality of the finished devices; when applying the perovskite layer in air it is essential that humidity is no higher than 40%rh. We have produced a video to demonstrate the effects of high humidity on the perovskite films which you may find valuable.

Following this fabrication routine and using our perovskite ink I101, we have reached a peak power conversion efficiency of 11.7%. We expect to see our customers match and exceed this efficiency with further experimentation, and have therefore created this video to help you kick-start your research programme and immediately create high performance perovskite solar cells.

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