Xtralien Scientific Python: Tutorials

Basic Python Tutorials

These tutorials provide an introduction to Python programming. We will guide you through the basics and show you how to create simple yet useful scripts.

  1. Printing to the console
  2. Variables
  3. Lists
  4. Strings
  5. Tuples
  6. Dictionaries
  7. Conditionals
  8. Loops
  9. Functions

Intermediate Python Tutorials

These tutorials cover slightly more advanced topics, which you can use to create functional and powerful scripts.

  1. Importing additional libraries
  2. Arrays and numerical manipulation
  3. Plotting
  4. File Handling
  5. Exceptions

Xtralien X100 Tutorial

These tutorials explain how to use Xtralien Scientific Python for taking measurements and creating experiments with the Xtralien X100 source measure unit.

  1. Communicating with the X100
  2. X100 Settings
  3. Taking measurements using the X100
  4. Current-Voltage sweeps with the X100

Software Tutorials

  1. Installation