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4-Pentylphenyl 4-pentylbenzoate

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4-Pentylphenyl 4-pentylbenzoate, liquid crystal (nematic)

Liquid crystal for the application of optical electronics i.e. in liquid-crystal display (LCD).

4-Pentylphenyl 4-pentylbenzoate (5PEP5) is a nematic liquid crystal with a chemical structure of 4-pentylphenyl ester of 4-pentylbenzoate.

4-Pentylphenyl 4-pentylbenzoate has a ester link and a core which is more flexible and less directed along the long molecular axis that the biphenyl liquid crystals, i.e. 4'-Heptyl-[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-carbonitrile. However, the observed alignment properties of 4-pentylphenyl 4-pentylbenzoate having two pentyl tails on its self are similar to those of the rode-like biphenyl core molecule 4-pentyl-4’-cyanobiphenyl. The alignment on the substrate polyvinyl imidazole (PVI) is perpendicular to the rubbing direction, perpendicular to the vinyl backbone

Chemical Structure

chemical structure of 4-Pentylphenyl 4-pentylbenzoate, CAS 74305-48-9
Chemical structure of 4-Pentylphenyl 4-pentylbenzoat, CAS 74305-48-9

General Information

CAS Number 74305-48-9
Chemical Formula C23H30O2
Molecular Weight 338.48
Full Name 4-Pentylphenyl 4-pentybenzoate
Synonyms 5PEP5, Pentylphenyl pentylbenzoate, 4-Amylphenyl 4′propybenzoate, 4-Pentybenzoic acid 4-pentylphenyl ester
Classification / Family Phenyl Ester Liquid Crystals, Nematic Liquid Crystals

Product Details

Purity >97% (1HNMR)
Form White powder/crystals
Melting Point 34.0 - 38.0 °C
Solubility Methanol

MSDS Documentation

4-Pentylphenyl 4-pentylbenzoate MSDS4-Pentylphenyl 4-pentylbenzoat MSDS Sheet


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Literature and Reviews

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