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Product Code T2006C1-UK
Price £2,100 ex. VAT

Low Price, Compact Potentiostat for Electrochemistry

Available with electrochemical cell and electrodes; everything you need to get started

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The Ossila Potentiostat is a powerful electrochemical measurement device for performing linear sweep voltammetry, cyclic voltammetry, open circuit potential, and controlled potential electrolysis. Designed for both experienced chemists and newcomers to the field, the easy-to-use PC software makes it straightforward for anyone to take accurate and precise measurements across a wide potential and current range.

Purchase with or without an electrochemical cell, non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ working electrode, platinum disc reference electrode, and platinum wire counter electrode. No research or teaching lab should be without an Ossila Potentiostat.

Two-year warranty

Two-Year Warranty

Buy with confidence

Versatile potentiostat measurements


Can be used in multiple experiments

Powerful potentiostat

Powerful Electronics

Capable of outputting potentials of up to 7.5 V

Afforable potentiostat

Free Software

Intuitive PC software included


Potential Range ±7.5 V
Potential Compliance ±10 V
Applied Potential Accuracy ±10 mV offset
Applied Potential Resolution 333 µV
Maximum Current ±200 mA
Current Ranges ±20 μA to ±200 mA (5 ranges)
Current Measurement Accuracy ±20 nA offset (at 20 μA range)
Current Measurement Resolution 5 nA (at 20 μA range)
Communication USB-B
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D) 125 mm x 55 mm x 175 mm (4.91" x 2.17" x 6.89")
Weight 600 g (1.32 lb)

Potentiostat Features

Wide potential and current range potentiostat

Wide Potential and Current Range

To allow for a wide range of material characterisation, the Ossila Potentiostat is capable of outputting potentials of up to 7.5 V and can measure currents over five ranges from ±20 nA to ±200 mA.

Measurements are accurate and precise

Accurate and Precise

With an applied potential accuracy and resolution of ±10 mV and 333 µV respectively, and a current measurement accuracy and resolution at the 20 μA range of ±20 nA and 5 nA, the Ossila Potentiostat is both accurate and precise.

Ossila Potentiostat for different electrochemistry measurements

Range of Electrochemical Measurements

The Ossila Potentiostat is a powerful, low price potentiostat for cyclic voltammetry, linear sweep voltammetry, open circuit potential, and controlled potential electrolysis.

High qaulity and durable potentiostat

Proven Quality

Our experience building measurement devices paired with free Ossila Electrochemistry software, provides an easy-to-use platform for testing and characterising materials. With internal circuitry based on our highly popular source meter and an aluminium outer case, the potentiostat is both reliable and durable.

Our potentiostat fits in any lab setup

Compact and Light

At only 12.5 x 18.5 cm, the small footprint makes it completely lab-proof and glove box friendly (we use it extensively in our own lab to electrochemically characterize our range of materials). Our potentiostat fits easily inside the main chamber of a lab glove box for measuring air or moisture sensitive materials.

Potentiostat in the laboratory
The small footprint of the Ossila Potentiostat makes it ideal for busy labs


We're happy with the Ossila Potentiostat. We're currently using it in teaching labs to demonstrate basics of corrosion measurements. It is compact, easy to use, and affordable.

Branislav Dzurnak, Czech Technical University in Prague

The Ossila Potentiostat is small, portable and easy to use. We also bought the three electrode cell and this provides a stable set-up to hold the electrodes in convenient positions.

Top automotive manufacturer


The Ossila Potentiostat comes with control and measurement software for performing linear sweep and cyclic voltammetry, open circuit potential, and constant potential electrolysis. Software updates are also provided at no extra charge and are available to download from our website.

Ferrocene cyclic voltammogram
Cyclic Voltammetry measurement of ferrocene taken with the Ossila Potentiostat

In the Box

  • Potentiostat
  • Shielded cable and crocodile clips
  • Test cell chip
  • USB-B cable
  • 24 VDC power adaptor

Included if purchased with a cell:

  • Standard electroschemical cell*
  • Platinum disc working electrode*
  • Platinum wire counter electrode*
  • Non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ or aqueous Ag/AgCl reference electrode*

* Available to be purchased separately

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Resources and Support

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