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Platinum Plate Electrode Holder

Electrochemical Cells and Electrodes

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High quality platinum plate electrode holder

Replaceable multi-purpose platinum plate electrode holder for electrochemical and photoelectrochemical studies

With build-in good conductivity, corrosion resistant and high purity platinum sheet, the replaceable multi-purpose 10 x 15 mm platinum plate electrode holder gives access to various working electrodes such as ITO/FTO conductive glass, carbon nanomaterials including graphene sheets, 2D nanoparticles and ultra-thin films, quantum dots, semiconducting polymer films or any other conductive electrode materials.

Platinum plate electrode holder is particularly useful for electrochemical and photoelectrochemical studies of pre-prepared films of dyes, polymers and other semiconducting materials on different substrates for the application of polymer solar cells, dye-sensitised solar cells and perovskite solar cells. A good example of that is the platinum plate electrode holder can be used to hold the dye-sensitised photoanode in a photoelectrochemical cell leading to the splitting of water.

For the complete package, buy the platinum plate electrode holder with our high quality reference electrode, counter electrode, working electrode, electrochemical cell and our affordable Ossila potentiostat to start your electrochemical studies. Qualifying orders ship free as part of the Ossila Guarantee.

Potentiostat with Cell and Electrodes

Potentiostat with cell and electrodes
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  • Easy to Use
  • High Accuracy + Precision

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All dimensions are in millimetres.

Platinum Sheet Working Electrode Holder
Platinum Sheet Working Electrode Holder Dimensions (mm)
Plate Dimension 10 mm x 15 mm

Pricing and Options

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Platinum Plate Electrode - 10 mm x 15 mm C2013P1 £280

Electrode Polishing Kit EPK-3

Ossila Electrode Polishing Kit, EPK-3
  • Restore Electrodes
  • High Quality Polishing
  • Great Value

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