Reference Electrodes

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Reference electrodes including Ag/AgCl and non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ electrodes

High quality electrodes suitable for cyclic voltammetry electrochemistry cells

Reference electrodes are always used in three electrode electrochemical cell systems for cyclic voltammetry studies.

Aqueous Ag/AgCl and non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ reference electrodes are available. Ag/AgCl electrode is a silver wire coated with silver chloride in direct contact with saturated potassium chloride, typically 3M in concentration in distilled water and non-aqueous is a silver wire in direct contact with 0.01N silver nitrate of acetonitrile solution, both sealed with a ceramic frit.

Reference electrodes

Reference Electrodes

What is a reference electrode?

A reference electrode is also referred to as the third electrode in a three electrode electrochemical system which has a stable, known and well-defined electrochemical potential. The composition of a standard reference electrode should remain effectively unchanging and constant during the process of electrochemical test and measurement. It provides a stable potential for controlled regulation of the working electrode potential and allows the measurement of the potential at the working electrode without passing current through it. 

Ag/AgCl electrode is possibly one of the most common reference electrodes used in electrochemical studies due to its simplicity, stability, and capability of miniaturization. A conventional Ag/AgCl reference electrode is a silver wire coated with a thin layer of silver chloride in contact with a saturated typically 3M KCl solution in a glass tube, sealed with a ceramic frit.

Another common reference electrode used for the cyclic voltammetry studies is non-aqueous Ag/Ag+reference electrode, which is ideal when organic solvent such as acetonitrile is used in the electrolyte system. An ideal reference electrode should also have zero impedance which is determined by the resistance of its isolation junction. The ceramic frit junction separates the internal filling solution of the reference electrode from the test electrolyte.

It is advised that the reference electrode should be in as close contact to the working electrode as possible to reduce Ohmic drop between them.


Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode

Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode Dimensions
Non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode


Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode Dimensions

*All dimensions are in millimetres.

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