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Germanium Diselenide (GeSe2) Powder and Crystals

Product Code M2307C1-500mg
Price £168.00 ex. VAT

Low price, high purity 2D metal germanium diselenide powder and crystal

For the development of next-generation electronics, optoelectronics, and nanotechnology

Germanium diselenide (GeSe2) belongs to the group IV layered transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs). 2D GeSe2 with a direct wide bandgap (2.74 eV) is of great research interest for its potential applications in ultraviolet (UV) detection. Compared to the bulk structure, the monolayer GeSe2 exhibits the small average effective mass and significant anisotropy in optical absorption, indicating potential optoelectronic applications Photodetectors based on GeSe2 exhibit a highly polarization-sensitive photo response in short wave region due to the optical absorption anisotropy induced by in-plane anisotropy in crystal structure.

Exfoliated GeSe2 nanoflakes also show great stability in ambient air.

We supply low price germanium diselenide in several different forms for a range of applications.

Germanium diselenide powder

Germanium diselenide powder

Can be used for preparation of germanium diselenide nanoplates and ultrathin films

Sold by weight

≥ 99.995% purity

From £168.00

Germanium diselenide crystal by size

Germanium disulfide crystal

Can be used to produce single or few-layer germanium diselenide sheets via mechanical or liquid exfoliation

Small (≥10mm2) or medium (≥25mm2) crystals available*

≥ 99.999% purity

From £396.00

*Typical representative size, areas/dimensions may vary

Bulk single germanium diselenide crystal is most commonly used as sources from which single or few-layer sheets can be obtained via either mechanical or liquid exfoliation. 

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Germanium diselenide powder can also be used to prepare GeSe2 nanosheets and nanoparticles by liquid-exfoliation (normally assisted by sonication). 

Key Product Data

  • High purity, low price Germanium diselenide
  • Available as a powder or as individual crystals
  • Can be used to produce single or few-layer sheets
  • Free worldwide shipping on qualifying orders

Structure and Properties

After exfoliation of crystals or powder, germanium disulfide typically has the following properties:

  • Group IV layered metal dichalcogenides
  • Tetragonal (HgI2-type) crystal structure (Space group P4_2/nmc)
  • Strong in-plane anisotropy
  • Great candidate for both UV detection and energy storage


Germanium diselenide single crystals can be used to prepare monolayer and few-layer GeSe2 by mechanical or liquid exfoliation. Germanium diselenide powder is suitable for liquid chemical exfoliation to prepare GeSe2 nanosheets and nanoparticles down to few-layer films. 

2D GeSe2 is a promising candidate for highly selective polarization-sensitive UV detection and electrode material for batteries in energy storage devices.

Technical Data

CAS number ‎‎12065-11-1
Chemical formula GeSe2
Molecular weight 230.6 g/mol
Bandgap 2.74 eV
Preparation Synthetic - Chemical Vapour Transport (CVT)
Structure ‎‎‎Tetragonal
Electronic properties 2D semiconductor
Melting point 707 °C(lit.)
Colour Orange
Synonyms Germanium (IV) selenide, Bis(selanylidene)germane
Classification / Family Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), 2D semiconductor materials, Nano-electronics, Nano-photonics, Photovoltaic, Materials science

Product Details

Form Purity
Germanium Diselenide Powder ≥ 99.995%
Germanium Diselenide Crystal ≥ 99.999%

MSDS Documents

Germanium diselenide powder MSDSGermanium diselenide powder

Germanium diselenide crystal MSDSGermanium diselenide crystal

Structure of Germanium Diselenide

GeSe2 crystallizes in the tetragonal I-42d space group. The structure is two-dimensional and consists of two GeSe2 sheets oriented in the (0, 0, 1) direction. Ge4+ is bonded to four equivalent Se2- atoms to form corner-sharing GeSe4 tetrahedra. All Ge–Se bond lengths are 2.40 Å. S2- is bonded in a water-like geometry to two equivalent Ge4+ atoms.

gese2 crystal structure

Tetragonal GeSe2 is considered a structure of high symmetry: a GeSe2 monolayer in which all tetrahedra are connected via corners, resulting in a much more ordered arrangement. This structure corresponds to a single slab of the high-pressure, layer-structured, tetragonal HgI2-type phase.

GeSe2 crystal structure - germanium diselenide

Top and side view of single-layer germanium disulfide (GeSe2)

Germanium Diselenide Applications

Germanium diselenide (GeSe2), a 2D layered metal dichalcogenide with a direct wide bandgap (2.96 eV), is of great interests for its potential applications in ultraviolet (UV) detection due to its excellent workability in the short-wave region. Photo-field effect transistors based on the GeSe2 monolayer show p-type behaviour, high responsivity, superior detectivity, and a fast response time, competitive with state-of-the-art UV detectors

Exhibiting perpendicular optical reversal of the linear dichroism and polarized photodetection under wavelength modulation, 2D GeSe2 is a promising candidate for highly selective polarization-sensitive UV detection.

GeSe2 has also attracted wide attentions due to its distinctive in-plane anisotropic properties originated from the in-plane anisotropic crystal structure, high air stability and excellent performance in polarization-sensitive photodetection. It has been reported that electronic band structure and effective mass of charge carriers are highly sensitive to strains. The strain-engineering properties of GeSe2 give the rise of its applications in novel mechanical-electronic.

Intercalated GeSe2 can also be used for energy storage devices.

Processing Germanium Diselenide

Viscoelastic transfer using PDMS

Video by Ossila

Pricing Table (All)

Form Size/Weight* Product Code Price
Powder 500 mg M2307C1 £168.00
Powder 1 g M2307C1 £268.00
Crystal Small (≥ 10 mm2) M2307A10 £519.00 ea.
Crystal Medium (≥ 25 mm2) M2307A25 £899.00 ea.

*typical representative size, areas/dimensions may vary

Shipping is free for qualifying orders.

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