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4-Pentylphenyl 4-Methoxybenzoate

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4-Pentylphenyl 4-methoxybenzoate (Nematal 105), liquid crystal (nematic)

Liquid crystal for the application of optical electronics i.e. in liquid-crystal display (LCD).

4-Pentylphenyl 4-methoxybenzoate (PPMB), also known as Nematal 105,  is a nematic liquid crystal slightly above room temperature with a chemical structure of 4-methoxyphenyl ester of 4-pentylphenyl.

4-Pentylphenyl 4-methoxybenzoate can act as a host material for luminophores such as N,N′-Bis(2,6-dimethylphenyl)perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic diimide (PDI). When PDI is dissolved in the liquid crystal host to an approximate concentration of 10-5 M. PDI molecules are successfully aligned within a nematic liquid crystal. The homeotropic alignment leads to decreased surface losses, despite increased absorption when illuminated through the narrow edges. 4-Pentylphenyl 4-methoxybenzoate can also be used as a achiral host of chiral compounds which induce a helical ordering and thus create a chiral nematic phase, the so called chiral nematic liquid crystal with helical structures.

Chemical Structure

4-Pentylphenyl 4-methoxybenzoate chemical structure, 38444-13-2
Chemical structure of 4-Pentylphenyl 4-methoxybenzoate (Nematal 105), CAS 38444-13-2

General Information

CAS Number 38444-13-2
Chemical Formula C19H22O3
Molecular Weight 298.38
Full Name 4-Pentylphenyl 4-methoxybenzoate
Synonyms PPMB, Nematal 105, Pentylphenyl methoxybenzoate, >4-n-Pentylphenyl p-anisate, 4-Amylphenyl 4′-methoyxbenzoate, 4-Methoxybenzoic Acid 4-Pentylphenyl Ester
Classification / Family Phenyl Ester Liquid Crystals, Nematic Liquid Crystals.

Product Details

Purity >98% (1HNMR)
Form White powder/crystals
Melting Point 29.0 °C
Solubility Methanol

MSDS Documentation

4-Pentylphenyl 4-methoxybenzoate MSDS4-Pentylphenyl 4-methoxybenzoate MSDS Sheet


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