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PDINO, allows high work function metals to act as efficient cathodes

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PDINO, bearing amino N-oxide group on perylenediimide (PDI) with π-delocalized planar structures and high electron affinities, is widely used as cathode interlayer materials. While working great with Al as the cathode, PDINO also allow high work function metals (such as Au and Ag) to act as efficient cathodes.

With a measured conductivity of 7.6 × 10-5 S/cm, PDINO has four orders of magnitude higher than that of the well-known cathode interlayer PFN (6.9 × 10-9 S/cm). Organic photovoltaic cell with 17% efficiency was achieved with PDINO as the cathode interlayer material by employing PBDB-TF (PM6):BTP-4Cl-12 (Y7-BO) as the active layer.

Device structure: ITO/PEDOT:PSS/PBDB-TF (PM6):BTP-4Cl-12 (Y7-BO)/PDINO/Al [3]

Thickness (nm) VOC (V) JSC (mA cm-2) FF (%) PCE (%)
100 0.858 25.6 77.6 17.0

General Information

Full name N,N'-Bis(N,N-dimethylpropan-1-amine oxide)perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic diimide
Purity 98% (1H NMR)
Synonyms 3,3'-(1,3,8,10-Tetraoxoanthra[2,1,9-def:6,5,10-d'e'f']diisoquinoline-2,9(1H,3H,8H,10H)-diyl)bis(N,N-dimethylpropan-1-amine oxide)
Chemical formula C34H32N4O6
Molecular weight 592.64 g/mol
CAS number 1558023-86-1
HOMO / LUMO HOMO = -6.21 eV LUMO = -3.63 eV [1]
Melting point 103.4 °C (TGA, 5% weight loss)
Form Reddish brown powder/crystals
Absorption λmax 468 nm (film)
Solubility/processing solvents Methanol, ethanol, trifluoroethanol
Classification / Family Perylene diimide (PDI), Organic semiconducting materials, Organic Photovoltaics, OLED, Small molecule electrolyte

Chemical Structure

PDIN (PDIN) checmical structure, CAS 1558023-86-1
Chemical structure of PDINO, CAS 1558023-86-1

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Literature and Reviews

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