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Measurement Aperture Mask, 25mm Square

Product Code E2002A1
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Measurement aperture masks for patterned ITO substrates.

Precise illumination for accurate reporting.

The S2006 aperture mask is part of Ossila's award winning prototyping platform for photovoltaic devices.

Electrochemically-etched holes provide accurate area definition for solar cell illimunation or OLED luminance measurements, preventing over or under-estimation of device performance.

For use with our 25mm square ITO substrates (S2006C1).

General Specifications

Material Stainless steel
Outer Dimensions 25mm x 25mm
Aperture Dimensions 7.4mm x 5.4mm (39.96mm2)

Four Pixel Aperture Mask

The holes in the aperture mask align with the centre of the device pixels, creating four illumination areas of 39.96mm2. There is a border of 0.6mm between the edge of the aperture and the edge of the pixel. This helps to reduce edge effects during device characterisation.

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