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LED Measurement System

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Simplify LED IVL characterisation for rapid results

A long-term and low cost LED characterisation and lifetime measurement system

The Ossila LED Measurement System provides a low cost and complete solution for performing current-voltage-luminance (IVL or JVL) characterisation of LEDs. The device holder has built-in light sensors to allow for illuminance, luminance, and white count measurements. To simplify device testing, the software will also calculate the current and power efficiency of your LED. Lifetime mode, meanwhile, measures the performance of the LED over an extended time under a constant voltage.

The system is compatible with all Ossila substrate systems, so it is easy to both fabricate and test LED devices. Please refer to the table under the specifications tab if you are not sure which model you should choose.

The Ossila LED Measurement System is covered by our FREE 2-year warranty and included in our FREE worldwide shipping offer.

Looking for the Ossila OLED Lifetime Measurement System?

The LED Measurement System replaces the OLED Lifetime Measurement System. The new device holder and upgraded software package together add support for new characterisation measurements, but it is still easy to take OLED lifetime measurements with the LED Measurement System. If you are looking for a manual device, consider the Ossila Source Measure Unit.

What is an IVL (or JVL) measurement?

IVL, or current-voltage-luminance, is the main method for electrically characterising light emitting diodes (LEDs). In IVL measurements, the current (I or J) passing through a device and the emitted light are measured as an applied voltage (V) is swept between two points. From this measurement, multiple properties can be determined, including the luminance (L), current efficiency, and power efficiency (also known as efficacy).

Key Features

Rapid Characterisation

Our intuitive software (included) makes it easy to take current-voltage-luminance measurements. The system records illuminance, luminance and white count. To speed up the characterisation process, the system will then calculate both the current efficiency and power efficiency of your LED.

Quick and Easy

Plug in the system, install the PC software, and you're ready to go! The Ossila LED Measurement System has been designed by research scientists to address the frustrations associated with measuring and characterising LEDs. The intuitive interface and clean design make the system simple and easy-to-use.

Wide Measurement Range

The built-in Source Measure Unit is capable of delivering voltages between -10 V and +10 V, with a maximum resolution of 170 μV, measuring currents from as low as ±10 nA up to ±200 mA, and illuminance up to 100 klx.

Measure Device Stability

By applying a constant voltage and measuring the current, luminance, and efficiency over an extended period of time, the stability of LEDs can be tracked and analysed.

Intuitive Software

Our intuitive PC software (included) makes it faster and easier to characterise LEDs. Create and save settings profiles, plot your data in real time, and export the results as a CSV file.

Backed by the Ossila Guarantee

Enjoy expert support from our in-house scientists and engineers, free worldwide shipping, fast and secure dispatch, large order discounts, and our free two-year warranty.

Included with the Ossila LED Measurement System

LED Measurement System

LED Measurement System

The Ossila LED Measurement System with a device holder, resistor and LED test chips, USB-B cable, and 24 VDC power adaptor. Easy to set up and use, simply install the software, plug in the system, and start taking measurements. The Ossila LED Measurement System has a voltage range of ±10 V, five current ranges from ±20 μA to ±200 mA, and three illuminance ranges from 500 lx to 100 klx.

Covered by our two-year warranty and eligible for free worldwide shipping.

LED IVL Software

LED IVL Software

Intuitive software for performing current-voltage-luminance measurements and constant voltage stability measurements. Collecting data is as simple as entering your experimental parameters and clicking measure. Data is plotted in real-time as it is measured, with the ability to select which data is plotted on each y-axis. All data is saved to CSV files so that you are never locked into one ecosystem. Settings profiles can be created so that you can quickly and easily repeat your measurement or perform similar scans.

Available to download from our website at any time. Future updates are provided at no extra cost.

Resources and Support

Measurement Specifications

Voltage Source Specifications

Range Accuracy Precision Resolution
± 10 V ±10 mV 333 µV 170 µV

Voltage Measurement Specifications

Range Accuracy Precision Resolution
± 10V ±10 mV 50 µV 10 µV

Current Measurement Specifications

Range Accuracy Precision Resolution Burden
± 200 mA ± 500 µA 10 µA 1 µA <20 mV
± 20 mA ± 10 µA 1 µA 100 nA <20 mV
± 2 mA ± 1 µA 100 nA 10 nA <20 mV
± 200 µA ± 100 nA 10 nA 1 nA <20 mV
± 20 µA ± 10 nA 1 nA 0.1nA <20 mV

Illuminance Measurement Specifications

Range Accuracy Resolution
100 klx ±10% 1.8432 lx
5000 lx ±10% 0.1152 lx
500 lx ±10% 0.0144 lx

Equipment Specifications

Wavelength Range 400 nm - 1050 nm
Substrate Size 20 mm x 15 mm
25 mm x 25 mm
Substrate Compatibility T2005B - S211 (20 x 15 mm, PV and OLED)
T2005E - S2006 (25 mm Square, PV and OLED)
Overall Dimensions Width: 151 mm
Height: 50 mm
Depth: 300 mm
Click to purchase user-swappable riser boards for the LED Measurement System.

The LED current-voltage-luminance measurement is controlled using intuitive and user-friendly PC software. All of the measurements can be fully customised so that you can tailor the software to your experiment.

With the PC software, you can:

  1. Perform current-voltage-luminance measurements anywhere between -10 and 10 V.
  2. Take high resolution measurements, with voltage increments as low as 1 mV.
  3. Manage the experiment more directly, with custom settle times between applying voltage and measuring current.
  4. Measure illuminance, luminance, white count, current efficiency, and power efficiency using the built-in sensors.
LED IVL Software
LED IVL Software

The software has two measurement tabs: characterisation and lifetime. Characterisation mode performs I-V measurements of LEDs while measuring the illuminance, luminance, white count, and calculating the current and power efficiencies. The lifetime mode enables you to set a constant voltage and measure the performance of the LED over an extended time.

LED IVL Software Efficiency Measurement
Efficiency measurement in the LED IVL Software

Data is saved to .csv (comma-separated value) files, which are formatted to be easy to read and analyse. Settings are saved along with the data, making it easier to keep a record of parameters you use for each experiment. Additionally, settings profiles can be saved for each different type, so that you can easily perform repeat measurements or use particular configurations.

Key Software Features

  • Simple and intuitively-designed interface
  • Data saved to .csv
  • Perform accurate IVL measurements
  • Automatic current and power efficiency calculation
  • Measure performance over extended times
  • Save and load settings profiles

Software Requirements

Operating System Windows 10 or 11 (32-bit or 64-bit)
CPU Dual Core 2 GHz
Available Hard Drive Space 121 MB
Monitor Resolution 1440 x 960
Connectivity USB 2.0
Ethernet (requires DHCP)

To the best of our knowledge the information provided here is accurate. However, Ossila assume no liability for the accuracy of this page. The values provided are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch. Products may have minor cosmetic differences (e.g. to the branding) compared to the photos on our website. All products are for laboratory and research and development use only, and may not be used for any other purpose including health care, military, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, or commercial applications.

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