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Product Code L2003S2-UK
Price £1,200 ex. VAT

Low-Price, Compact, Programmable Single Syringe Pump

Precision lab single syringe pump for infusion and extrusion of solutions

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The Ossila Syringe Pump is built to be affordable, powerful and precise. Our innovative design is compact and light weight, and can be seamlessly integrated with external systems. Our syringe pumps are fully programmable. Pre-programme simple or complex sequences using our intuitive in-built software, or connect to a computer and control using simple serial commands.

Our syringe pump is compatible with a range of syringe sizes, from 0.5 μl to 60 ml. It also features adjustable force control, safety switches, and stall detection. The single pump driver offers equal force control in infusion and withdrawal modes. These features make the syringe pump ideal for controlled delivery of a single solution.

For more complex experiments, upgrade to our dual syringe pump. With two laboratory syringe pumps in one, each pump can be controlled independently and operated in either infusion or withdrawal mode.

Single Syringe Pump Precision Timing

Precision Timing

Effortless automatic dispensing

Lightweight Single Syringe Pump


Lightweight and durable construction

Single Syringe Pump Precision Motion

Precision Motion

Quality motors for sensitive experiments

Two-Year Warranty

Two-Year Warranty

Covered by the Ossila Warranty

Ossila Syringe Pump Product Overview


Syringe Channels 1
Operation Modes Infusion and withdrawal
Minimum Syringe Size 0.5 μl
Maximum Syringe Size 60 ml
Safety Features Limit switches, Crashing sensing
Power 24 V DC, 2.0 A
Power Supply Input Voltage Range 100 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA
Operating Temperature/Humidity 5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F); Up to 80% RH at 31 °C (87.8 °F)
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D) 240 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm (9.8" x 6.1" x 6.1")

Syringe Pump Features

Precise pump motion

Precise Solution Dispensing

The Ossila Syringe Pump uses high quality motors and our unique driver technology. With over 25,000 microsteps per revolution, the smooth motion enables ultra-low dispense rates and volumes with incredible accuracy. Ideal for highly sensitive experiments that require precise liquid dispensing at a controlled rate.

Universal syringe clamp

Broad Syringe Compatibility

Our universal syringe clamp is designed to fit a wide range of syringes, from 0.5 μl to 60 ml in volume, and is compatible with syringes from all major brands. For most applications, we recommend Norm-Ject Disposable Luer Lock Syringes.

Single pump control

Programmable for Intuitive Control

With built-in software, the syringe pump can store up to 10 programs, each of which can have up to 100 steps. Take advantage of this flexibility to run experiments with ease, while maintaining complete control. The interface is simple, so you can expect a user-friendly experience even when programming complicated routines.

Syringe Pump Programmability

USB Connectivity

The new Syringe pump can easily connect to and receive commands from external systems. Simply link it to a computer and control using simple serial commands. This feature means it can be more easily integrated into a wide variety of experimental systems. This is also great when controlling more complex experiments and processes.

High Force Capacity in Both Withdrawal and Infusion Modes

High Maximum Available Force

The new Ossila Syringe Pump design increases the maximum available force during both infusion and withdrawal modes. This higher capacity means that the Syringe Pump can handle a wide range of solution viscosities. It can deal with higher levels of back pressure, which can be useful for systems with long tubing, small diameters, or dispensing into pressurized environments.

Single syringe pump Clamping Mechanism Single syringe pump programming

Ossila Single Syringe Pump Ossila Single Syringe Pump Control Ossila Compact Single Syringe Pump

In the Box

  • Single syringe pump unit
  • 6 x Norm-Ject disposable luer lock syringes, 5ml (6 ml)*
  • Power supply

* Also available to be purchased separately

Accessories and Related Products

Our syringe pump collection boasts a range of systems and accessories for effortless, automatic solution dispensing.

Resources and Support

How To Set Up and Use The Ossila Syringe Pump How To Set Up and Use The Ossila Syringe Pump

With no external dependencies, the Ossila Syringe Pump is quick and easy to set up and use.

Syringe Pump Troubleshooting Syringe Pump Troubleshooting

When auto dispensing solvents, droplets are sometimes dispensed after the syringe pump has stopped. The cause of solution dripping can be due to several factors.

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